How Do I Know if My Evaporator Coil is Dirty or Damaged in Hampden, MA? Does it Need to Be Cleaned or Replaced?

One of the air conditioner’s major components is the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils can develop certain problems. Most often the evaporator coils will need to be cleaned to restore the cooling system. However, is some cases the evaporator can go bad or become damaged and require replacement. It can be very hard to determine when the evaporator coils are simply dirty or if the component is broken. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the signs of evaporator coil failure and when they are dirty or damaged.

What Happens when Evaporator Coil Fails?

Whether the evaporator coils are dirty or damaged, the failure to function is the same. As the evaporator coil’s primary task is to remove the heat and humidity from the air when the evaporator is dirty or damaged, it will fail to do it’s task when damaged or dirty. When the evaporator coils fail, you will first notice that your home will become warmer. You may even feel warm air coming from your air vents instead of cool air. Along with warmer air, the air conditioner will run more often and for longer periods of time. When inspecting the evaporator coils, you may notice ice building up along the copper tubes. Ice can develop when the coils are dirty or if there is a refrigerant leak. When the evaporator coil develops a problem it may even produce odd noises. These are some of the classic signs of a failed evaporator coil system. However, what is causing the failure?

Do Evaporator Coils Need to Be Cleaned or Replaced?

The evaporator coil cannot perform its task when it is dirty. Evaporator coils remove the moisture in the air during the cooling cycle. The moisture collects and forms beads of condensation. The condensation accumulates on the evaporator coils and drips down into the drainage system. When the condensation accumulates on the coils, dust and other particles can become trapped in the condensation. Over time this can lead to a rather nasty layer of dirt and grime preventing the coils from working properly. The evaporator coil will need to be inspected to see if they are dirty, and if they are, they need to be cleaned.

What Does a Damaged Evaporator Coil Look Like?

If the evaporator coils are damaged, this too will not allow the coil to work properly. It is common for the evaporator coil to develop a leak, allowing the precious refrigerant to leave your cooling system. A refrigerant leak within the evaporator coils is most often due to corrosion. The weakened metal breaks from the internal pressure. The evaporator coil has a number of smaller components that can also fail or develop a leak. Some of the internal components of the evaporator coils that can fail are the suction line connection, liquid line connection, refrigerant distributor, and the capillary tubes. To find which component within the evaporator coil has failed or developed a leak will require an HVAC technician to inspect the evaporator coil thoroughly. In some cases the small parts or components can be repaired. Depending on the damage to the evaporator coil the entire component might need to be replaced.

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