How to Upgrade & Change Out My Old Analog Thermostat with a Digital One in South Hadley, MA

Modern technology is making it easier and easier to control the things around us. Thermostats just got a big technological advance where we now can control our home heating and cooling system right from our phone. We also have a lot more programmable options with our modern thermostats. For those who want to upgrade from your old thermostats and replace them with the newer ones, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will walk you through a few simple steps.

Removing the Old Thermostat

Begin by removing the cover plate off of your old thermostat. Most covers will just pop off with a flat head screwdriver. However sometimes there might be a few small screws holding the cover on. There should be wires now exposed to your view. Depending on the type of HVAC unit you have, there might be anywhere from two to eight wires present. Don’t remove the wires yet.

Thermostat Wiring Diagram & Color Code

There are a few ways you can do this. You can write down all the wire colors and what terminal they connect to. Easier yet, take a picture with your phone to help you remember which color wires went to which terminal. Don’t be concerned if some wires don’t connect from the old thermostat to the new one.

Removing the Old Back Plate & Replace it with the New Thermostat

After you have made a note of where the wires go, you can remove the wire from the terminal. Make sure the power is turned off. The back plate of the old thermostat is usually screwed to the wall. You can use a hand screwdriver to remove the screws. Once you have pulled the old back plate off, take the cover case of the new one and hang the new back plate only. Make sure all the wires are pulled through. There should be an opening for the wire to feed through.

Rewiring the Thermostat

Review your notes or your picture of the wire connections on the old thermostat. As you match the wires with the terminals, slide the copper exposed part of the wire into the terminal and screw it down until it is snug. Do this with all of the wires. Again, some of the older thermostats have some extra wires that newer thermostats don’t need. Don’t be concerned if there are some extra wires.

Placing the Thermostat on the Back Wall Plate

The new thermostat is ready to be snapped back on. They should just click in place. Once the thermostat is on, you can turn the power back on. Adjust the heat as well as the cool temperatures to extreme changes to see if the thermostat reacts. At this point you should be enjoying your new and modern thermostat. Each thermostat has a manual that will guide you in their programming steps.

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Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning hopes we were able to help replace your old thermostat with your fancy new one. You will find that it is a simple and a quick way to help save money with better control of your home temperatures. If you are in need of any HVAC services, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will be here to help. Call us today.

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