HVAC Fundamentals for Facility Building Management Teams in Springfield MA; Energy Efficiency Cost, Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

For many companies one of the most important aspects of their facility management and operation is their air conditioning systems and the energy costs that go along with it. The utility bill of a company is 50%-75% due to the HVAC system making it an important aspect to understand. HVAC systems basically do two things, they suck in air through return vents and blow it back out through supply access points. This seems simple but technology, energy codes, environmental considerations and the desire for efficiency has changed the way we deal with HVAC systems.

Duties & Job Description of a Facility Manager; Indoor Air & Comfort

Facility managers are under pressure to reduce operating costs. Businesses often need solutions to a wide variety of comfort and air quality problems found in their office. Roles of a facility manager can range from day-to-day security, cleaning and maintenance to managing refurbishment-financial forecasting and budgeting, property acquisition and/or disposal, planning and overseeing building work. Renovation, lease management, allocating and managing space within buildings, ensuring buildings meet government regulations and environmental, health and security standards, advising on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the responsibility of a facility manager.

Commercial HVAC System Trends

Facility managers should always be aware of the trends in HVAC systems. Building code changes happen and depending on the state you are in, some code items are currently mandatory while in others, it is coming. There are also integration and wireless changes that happen. Refrigerant is changing … again. Once we had R-22 that was phased out and replaced with R-410A as it was better for the environment. The new change is scheduled for 2025. These trends represent areas of consideration that facility managers must become familiar with when determining the best application for their facility.

HVAC System Maintenance

Knowing a few basics about how AC units work and how to maintain them will save money in the long run. Use these tips before each cooling season to keep your AC system in top shape. The first thing you need to do is turn the power off for safety reasons. Remove the fan cage with a screwdriver and by hand or wet/dry vacuum out leaves and other debris. The next step is to clean the fins. Using a strong stream from a garden hose and from the inside out, blast any built up dirt or debris from between the fins. You can straighten the fins with a butter knife or a fin-straightening tool to increase air-flow. Clean the area around the unit. Check that the unit is level. Over time the pad on which it sits can begin to tip as soil settles beneath it. If it’s not level the compressor can fail early. Clean the evaporator coil with commercially available no-rinse coil cleaner. Clean a plugged evaporator drain with a wet/dry vacuum. Change the blower filter at least twice a year. You can now turn the power back on.

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Regular cleaning and maintenance of the office HVAC unit will keep it running smoothly and save money by extending the lifespan. Preventive maintenance is always more cost effective than replacement but be aware that there are maintenance items that only trained HVAC technicians can perform. When your office needs a professional give Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning a call.

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