Air Handler Preventative Maintenance Procedures Checklist & Schedule in Westfield, MA

The air conditioner requires a number of components in order to function efficiently. The unit will not be able to operate to its full potential or at all if one or multiple parts are not in working order. When the performance is hindered, that will begin a ripple effect where other parts will quickly deteriorate. Many times, simple care and professional maintenance services can avert quite a few of these failures. One of the primary parts of an air conditioning system is an air handler and we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to discuss the basic function of the air handler and some preventative maintenance that can prevent serious problems.

How Does Air Handler Unit Work?

In conjunction with the ductwork’s ventilation system, the air handler connected to it contribute to the distribution of the conditioned air throughout the home or business. Sound attenuators, filter racks or chambers, a blower, and dampers comprise the air handler which is housed in a large metal box. When the mechanical and electrical parts deteriorate over the course of time or it is damaged due to circumstances, the efficiency of the air conditioner unit is reduced. As mentioned previously, preventative maintenance can avoid most of the common problems the air handler endures but because of the nature of the component, proper care is needed for all over condition and performance in addition to replacement parts that will decay over time and use.

Troubleshooting Air Handler Problems

Below you find the most common issues the air handler is inflicted with to help you better avoid such issues.
Evaporator Coil Buildup: The air filter plays an important role in the efficiency of the air handler. When it is built up with dirt and debris or not present, the air handler is unable function properly. When the air filters are accumulated with the daily debris, the evaporator coils freeze. When the evaporator coils are frozen the liquid refrigerant doesn’t return to the compressor which reduces the unit’s cooling capabilities. If you feel the temperatures are not cooling off, check the air conditioning unit and of the coils are froze, switch thermostat off for several hours; meanwhile replacing the air filter and ensuring the coils are clean and free from debris. Turn the thermostat back on and if the problem persists, call a professional.
Blower Motor Malfunction: The blower’s motor will be forced to quit when the air filter is clogged as well. The motor is working harder to compensate from the excessive heat that is created from the strained system until it eventually quits. If the motor burns out, it will have to be replaced by a professional. To avoid this potentially costly repair, keep the air filters clean.
Clogged Air Filters: Providing that the air does not flow properly through the air handler, the air handler will show the impact. This issue is also impacted by clogged filters and keeping them clean, whether they are replaced or cleaned every month or so is necessary. In the event you have a hard time remembering to maintain your filters, be sure to write yourself reminder notes, invest in a digital or smart-thermostat that can notify you when they need to be changed. They should be checked once a month, if they are not quite full, check on them every week or so there after and once full, replace or clean them depending on the type of filter you have.

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