Boiler Chugging Noise & Shaking Violently in Tolland, MA? Kettling Causes, Repair Fix & Hard Water Prevention

Is your boiler making a rattling or banging noise? Your boiler may have a serious case of “kettling”. Kettling can greatly stress out a boiler and lead to complete boiler failure. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share what causes kettling in a boiler, as well as how to repair and prevent it.

Boiler Scale; Calcium & Mineral Deposits

There can be a few different reasons why a boiler will kettle or make that rattling noise. Kettling is a term used when a boiler develops mineral deposits. Mineral deposits are a common problem in areas with hard water. Water that contains high levels of calcium salt causes the boiler tank to form limescale. When water is heated inside a boiler, the lime cannot dissolve. Over time, more and more lime or mineral deposits build up inside the tank and will settle at the bottom. Additionally, oxide sludge can also form, leading to corrosion within the radiator. Over time the mineral deposits and the oxide sludge can make a boiler tank brittle. As the limescale builds up they can form large lumps of mineral deposits. As the water boils inside the boiler, the clumps of minerals will begin banging around, causing the rattling or banging to occur inside the boiler. Kettling can affect the boiler in many ways. First, the boiler efficiency will drop dramatically. The mineral deposits can make it harder to create heat within the boiler. Additionally, it can affect the radiator and make the boiler weak and brittle. Once kettling occurs, your boiler longevity greatly deceases.

Incorrect Boiler Size, Installed Incorrectly or Wrong Settings

However there are other reasons why a boiler may make a rattling or banging noise. One reason can be due to an incorrect setting or poor installation. When the boiler settings are off, it can cause the boiler to overheat. As a result, the expanding water will end up back in the overheated boiler tank mixing with the cold water, forming a sludge. If a boiler is too large for the space it is heating, it can also lead to a banging noise. The boiler pump can become stuck when a boiler is oversized. When the pump is stuck it will create a banging like noise.

Boiler Hard Water Fix & Protection

Unfortunately there is no way to stop hard water. However, if you have a known hard water issue, you can prevent limescale or mineral deposit with regular maintenance. You can use a de-scaler in the boiler tank to help reduce the amount of mineral deposits from developing. Additionally, you can also invest in a water softener, which treats the water before it enters the boiler. When you begin to notice the boiler beginning to kettle it is important to have it serviced right away. A boiler repair service can come and clean out the boiler. You don’t want to wait long as your boilers health is in jeopardy.

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