Boiler Components & Functions in Hatfield, MA; Burner, Combustion Chamber, Heat Exchanger & More

A self-contained combustion system that heats water is a boiler. Used in heating systems is the hot water or steam produced by a boiler. A boiler has four main parts, though designs vary, and they consist of the burner, heat exchanger, combustion chamber and pluming apparatus. Today, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some of the basics of the standard parts of a boiler in order to help you identify any concerns.

What are the Featured Designs of the Boiler Components?

1) Boiler Burner. Within the boiler, the burner initiates the combustion. When the system needs to produce heat, the thermostats send messages to the burner electronically. Often an adjacent fuel tank, the fuel is pumped by a filter mechanism to the boiler from an outside source. In order to create the reaction in the combustion chamber, a nozzle on the burner turns this fuel into a fine spray and ignites it.
2) Boiler Combustion Chamber. Being that it is usually made of cast iron, the fuel is burned in the boiler’s combustion chamber. Usually in a very short time, temperatures in the combustion chamber can rise to several hundred degrees. Heat is transferred to the system’s heat exchanger, after the heat generated in the combustion chamber.
3) Boiler Heat Exchanger. Water is filtered around the combustion chamber through a series of flue passages in a hydronic boiler system. In order to give off the heat energy produced in the boiler, the pressurized, boiling water is then pumped through pipes to baseboard heaters or radiators.
4) Fuel Sources. With a number of fuel sources can allow boilers to operation. Most commonly, boilers can run on kerosene, heating oil, and liquid propane.
External combustion engines, steam-powered locomotives, and power plants are included in the variety of functions besides heating when it comes to the basic design of how a boiler system is used.

Boiler Maintenance Requirements

To keep the system at peak efficiency, annual maintenance and cleaning of boiler systems is necessary. Replacement of gaskets and other equipment and temperature testing, this can include the removal of residue and debris from the combustion chamber.

Professional VS DIY Boiler Services

Caution. Only by trained, licensed technicians should install and maintain your boiler system. Boilers can be extremely dangerous if not properly installed, operated or maintained due to their intense heat energy. Any attempts from an untrained DIY perspective can be risky to your safety as well as potentially extensive damage to the boiler.

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