Central Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside or Condenser Unit Dripping Outside in Hadley, MA?

A small collection of water found under the air conditioner unit is frequently noticed by homeowners. Leaks can stem from the air conditioner because during its normal operation, water is produced, and some is expelled from the unit. As mentioned, the air conditioner unit will withdraw the moisture from the air during the cooling process. The majority of the water is released and flushed away and the remainder is used to assist in cooling. Because of the potential leaks that can occur as the condensation that evolves from the air conditioner needs to drain, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the basics of air conditioners producing water.

Humidity Causes Air Conditioner to Produce Moisture

The higher humidity levels, which is the amount of water in the air, and the hot summer temperatures are combated with air conditioners. In order to make the indoor air more comfortable, cooling is not enough, and the extra humidity needs to be pulled from the air as well.

Air Conditioning System Operation

Using refrigerant, the air conditioner can cool the air by removing the heat. The condensers inside the unit are connected with two sets of coils; one set kept hot and the other cool. The chemicals inside the coils evaporate and condense, keeping the coils cooled on a continuous cycle. The cooled coils are able to force the moisture from the air as the cool air blowing over air condenses on the coils. To keep the coils cool, the water re-evaporates, and the extra water is released from the unit. Seeing the air conditioner produce the water is a good indication it is doing its job. However, you do have cause for concern if the water is spilling out to unusual areas or freezing over the coils, or if the water is absent.

Leaking Air Conditioner

A leak is easily established when it is not draining through the drain line, which can be for a few reasons a licensed tech can identify.

Clogged AC Drain Line

The water continues to collect even if the drain line is clogged, resulting in leaks and other water damaging issues. If the drain line is plugged, you or a professional need to remove

Frozen Air Conditioner Coils

When ice forms over the coil the air conditioner’s performance is significantly impacted. There are several reasons that lead to frozen coils. Turn off the cooling system to let the coils thaw. As you wait check the drain line for clogs, clean it out if any are found and ensure the filters do not need to be cleaned or replaced. Turn on the cooling system after the has melted and you completed the tasks. Be sure to monitor the coils to see if they freeze again, if they do, turn the system off and call a technician for further assistance.

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When the air conditioner fails at efficiency, it will make your home warmer and more humid. You need Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning certified technicians to find the underlying issues and get them repaired as quickly as possible.

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