Common Air Conditioning Myths & Facts in Southwick, MA; AC Maintenance Schedule & More

Your air conditioning unit is a huge part of your home and a major appliance. The air conditioning unit is one of the most important parts of a home especially in the warmer months. The heat outside is often welcomed after a long cold winter. The spring and summer are a fun time of year and most people want to be outdoors to enjoy it all. Although it is great to be outdoors it is just as great to have a place that you can stop and cool down. That is why your air conditioning unit should be in good shape and you should have it as efficient as possible. There are some aspects of using your air conditioning unit that you might believe to be true. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning busts some common myths about your air conditioning unit.

Don’t Close Off Air Conditioning Vents

There are many homes that have space that is not being used on a regular basis. This might be a guest room or spare room that is not being used by someone to sleep in. The myth is that if there is a room that is not being used you can shut the vents. The vents are in each room and will be where the cooled air is pushed through. You might be thinking that if you are not using that room you can save money by closing the vent and not sending cold air in an unoccupied space. The problem is that the air in that room is still being circulated into the rest of the house and that can cause the AC unit to work harder. The best thing you can do is to keep all the vents open and that will help to keep the home balanced in terms of the temperature.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Schedule Should Be Followed

A myth that many people believe is that the air conditioning unit does not need to have any maintenance. They are under the impression that they can wait for an issue where the AC unit to stop working before it needs work. The problem is that if you wait for the AC to stop working you are now stuck without AC. The other issue is that a small maintenance or repair has turned into a larger problem. Waiting for major damage can end up costing you more money and potentially leading to replacement. The better option is to make sure you keep up on maintenance throughout the entire year. This is the best way to stop a potential problem and repair them before the issue gets out of hand. Maintenance is a requirement if you want to get the most out of your AC unit.

Turning AC On & Off is Bad

Some people think if they are leaving out of town for a few days they should turn off the air conditioner. The myth is that this will end up saving you money by not cooling a home that you won’t be in. The issue is that you will come home to a very hot home and that can take hours for the AC unit to cool it back down. It will have to work overtime to cool the space which takes more strain and time. You want to leave the AC on while you are away but you can turn it up a degree or two at the most.

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