Common Winter Heating Problems in Huntington, MA; Bad Furnace Ignition System & More

In Hampshire and Hamden County, Massachusetts, heating is essential, as a result, you want your heater to work right every time to keep your family comfortable and warm. When you start to notice signs that something may be wrong with your heater, you want to act quickly to avoid further damage and costlier repairs. More often than not, you can address issues before your heater stops working completely when you know the signs of heater problems. You are better equipped to identify those early signs when you understand how your heater works. With this in mind, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to discuss a few of the common issues that tend to develop in the midst of the season.

What Happens if You Connect Thermostat Wires Wrong?

There is a high probability that over time and use, the connection to your thermostat gets broken. In order to signal when the furnace needs to turn on and provide heat, the thermostat reads the indoor air temperature. The system will not know when to turn on and heat your home if your thermostat cannot communicate with your furnace. The wiring between the thermostat itself and your furnace is what the problem has to do with in most cases. In some cases, a battery change is all you need and in others, the thermostat has reached its use and will need to be replaced.

Loose Electrical Connections

You need to be aware of loose wires if you have an electric furnace. They pose fire hazards to your home when wires come loose from their positions. How well your furnace is able to heat your home is also affected by loose wiring. Your heater may frequently trip your circuit breakers if there are loose wires inside, even if you can’t see loose wires. The loose wires causing the inconvenience is not something you want to overlook addressing while continually resetting your breaker. Electrical fires can cause a lot of damage to your home.

Bad Ignition System

The unit has burners that create heat if you have a gas-powered furnace. To light your burners when it’s time to heat your home, your furnace has an electronic ignition that creates a spark. It can’t create that spark that initiate heating when there is a problem with your ignition system. Although they have a pilot light, electric furnaces work similarly. As an electric furnace’s ignition system, you can also have problems with your pilot light.

Damaged HVAC Sequencer

Since they don’t turn on all at one time, your furnace has a component called a sequencer that activates the many heater elements one at a time. It can overload your electrical panel if the heating elements all activate at the same time. A system overload is very possible when something goes wrong with your sequencer. It’s equally possible that none of your heating elements turn on and your heater stops working to heat your home, however.

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