Does the Placement of your Thermostat Matter to the Efficiency of your AC Unit? Call Ambient Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors for your HVAC Needs!

If you look at what is costing you the most money on your energy bill to run, it is going to be your air conditioning unit. The unit is constantly working to either cool or warm air that is then circulated through your home to get it to a comfortable temperature. The efficiency of the unit and the way that it is used will make a big difference in the amount of energy that you use. There are several things that you can be doing to ensure that you keep your AC unit working properly like replacing your filters on a regular basis and having the entire unit inspected for problems that need to be repaired. One of the biggest things that needs to be done correctly when installing your unit is the placement of the thermostat itself. If you place it just anywhere, you will have problems with the temperature in the house and you will be unhappy with the amount of energy it uses.

Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning has reasons why the placement of your thermostat is so important to the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Levels Out the Average Temperature

The placement of the thermostat is so important in making sure that the temperature throughout the entire home is what you want it to be. The thermostat is best placed in an area that is central to the rooms it controls. The thermostat is set to a particular temperature and it will alert the unit to turn on or off depending on the temperature in the area that it is reading. You never want it placed too close to a vent so that it gets to the temperature before the rest of the house has time to catch up. You don’t want it in a room that has a temperature that fluctuates such as a bathroom or kitchen. They tend to go up and down drastically when cooking or showering so the thermostat should be placed away from these areas. You also never want it near an area that gets direct sunlight that can alter the temperature in the area the sun is hitting and trick the thermostat into thinking it is already at a temperature that you want. The best spot is usually in a hallway that is between rooms so that it is in a pretty central location.

If you have a thermostat that seems to be placed in the wrong spot; costing you money and wasting energy, give Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning a call in Springfield, Granby, Holyoke, South Hadley, Monson & Agawam Massachusetts today!

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