Expansion Valve Working Principle in East Longmeadow, MA, Signs of a Bad Value & How to Fix this AC Problem!

When it comes to your home there are things you use on a regular basis and others you just cannot live without. We have become quite accustomed to using these things to make our life better such as dishwashers, hot water heaters, electricity and your air conditioner. When it is a hot summer day you want to be able to go home to nice a cooled off home and the only way to do that is to have an HVAC unit that is in good working condition. Your air conditioner is working through the heat of the summer and even some of the spring to cool the house down. It has to be working properly and that means that all the parts have to be working. The issue is that there are lots of parts that can start to be problematic and you may not know what is happening. You should know when you have an issue with your AC unit so you can call out a professional to make an assessment and repair. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines how an expansion valve works.

How Does an AC Expansion Valve Work?

When it comes to your air conditioner you have many parts that are individual and work with the unit to ensure it is running. These parts can start to have a problem and can end up with issues that mean they need to be replaced. The expansion valve is part of the outside unit that works with the refrigerant. The refrigerant is in the unit as a liquid. It has to be cooled and changed to a gas so that it can carry the cold air to the house. The cooled refrigerant will help to take the heat out of the house and release it outside. This is done on a constant basis as your AC is working. Once the heat has been released the gas has to change back to liquid so that it can be cooled. The problem is that it is too hot and it cannot be sent back. This is where the expansion valve comes into play. It is there to use pressure to move the warmed refrigerant into the chamber so that it can be cooled and used again. If this part is not working you will start to see signs of problems.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Expansion Valve?

There are a few signs that mean that you are having an issue with the expansion valve. The most common one is that you are not getting cooled air on the house. The air that is coming from the vent is warm. You also could see that the coils are starting to freeze over and lastly you might notice that your unit is running overtime and not shutting down. These are all signs that your unit could be in need or an expansion valve replacement.

Who Can Fix an Expansion Valve?

If you think that you are having a problem with your expansion valve you want to make sure that you call out a professional. They can come out to determine if the valve can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. This is a common issue and can be taken care of at the same appointment.

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