Furnace Replacement in Longmeadow, MA; Determine Proper Size, Converting to Gas & More

If you find yourself on the market for a new furnace before the winter season hits, there are a few aspects of furnace replacement that every homeowner should know about first. When buying a new furnace some information or concepts can be misleading, which in turn can lead to more problems. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share what to avoid and what additional features can help improve your home heating efficiency.

Determine Proper Furnace Size

It is important to always get a proper size furnace for your home. Many times a homeowner will choose to buy a bigger furnace in a hope for better performance and efficiency. However, this is not how cooling or heating systems work. Installing a larger furnace can cause more problems, such as huge high and low temperature swings. Because the unit is bigger, the hot air is released in strong bursts which causes the furnace to switch off quickly. The home will feel really hot and then go cold quicker and never stabilizes. These short cycles can cause the furnace to break or crack which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Later you will find that you are actually spending more energy with a bigger furnace. It is better to get a furnace that is properly sized for the home. The furnace size is determined by the square footage of the home, and sometimes the number of windows. Never get a furnace that is undersized either as it will overheat and wear down very quickly. If you are unsure about which furnace is the proper size for your home, you can always have a professional HVAC technician help you.

Check Air Ducts & Attic Insulation

When installing a new furnace, it is recommended to have the air duct system inspected along with the attic insulation. Even though the air ducts and attic insulation doesn’t directly affect the furnace, it can cause problems. If the air ducts are split, the warm air can leak out of the ductwork, leading to waste and a higher utility bill. Often the homeowner may think something is wrong with the new furnace and have a hard time troubleshooting the actual problem. Poor attic insulation has a similar effect. If the attic insulation is less than adequate, the home won’t stay warm nearly as long as it should. Again, poor insulation will cause the furnace to work more often, leading to a high utility bill. To make sure the furnace is working correctly, it is good to have the air ducts and insulation checked and if needed, addressed when the furnace is installed.

Converting to or Maintaining a Gas Furnace

To help save money, gas furnaces are always better. They cost less to use and gas burns cleaner. If you have a gas furnace, it is recommended to stay with a gas heating system. If your home was outfitted with an electric furnace, consider converting to a gas furnace. It may be an added investment, but one that will help you save in the long term.

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