Gas & Oil Furnace Preventative Maintenance Inspection Checklist Tips in Holyoke MA

Now that we are in the middle of fall, and winter is coming sooner than we may like, now is a good time inspect your furnace for efficient operation. Ensuring your furnace is going to be running smoothly and without catastrophe is always a good preventive measure. Having your furnace malfunction during prime time is never ideal. By looking over your furnace now, can save you some trouble down the road!

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning has prepared the following preventative maintenance inspection checklist

* Heat Exchanger. As with a lot of things, over time the heat exchanger can develop cracks. If cracks go unrepaired, they can permit toxic fumes from leaking into the air and can produce serious illness.
* Burners. A filthy burner can contribute to several issues. Poor combustion, soot and condensation can cause early retirement for your furnace.
* Fan Switch. The fan switch needs to be properly functioning to avoid wasted energy and obnoxious sounds to emanate from the fan.
* Pilot and Pilot Assembly. If either the pilot or pilot assembly are grimy, they can be easily extinguished, causing malfunctions or the furnace to shut down.
* Safety Controls. Ensure the safety controls are functioning appropriately. If there are any issues, it could be a safety hazard, and needs to be repaired as soon as possible.
* Gas Line. Make sure there are no gas leaks, as this too, is severely dangerous to go on unattended and be a major safety hazard.
* Combustion Air. Check the openings to make sure the combustion air isn’t blocked or restricted.
* Flue Pipes. Flue pipes need a look over and audited for leaks or corrosion.
* Performance and Temperatures. Taking the time to record the data can help deter potential problems, as uncommon numbers can indicate problems before they before they become major problems.
* Panels. Make sure all the panels are not loose, if they are, secure them back down. Without doing so can cause the furnace to work overtime, and creating a bill with time and half. Not only could it cost you, but it can cause failure of efficient operation.
* Control and Safety Checks. While conducting this inspection, also run a test to make sure everything is operating sufficiently.
* Parts Lubricated. Make sure the appropriate moving parts are properly lubricated. Motors and bearing run effortlessly when correctly lubricated.
* Pulleys and Belts. Deteriorating belts and run-down pulleys decrease airflow and increase operating costs. The compressor could render useless well before its time. Belts generally need replacing after a few years due to common cracking and breaking apart.
* Air Filters. Air filters need regularly replacing. If airflow is restricted you are wasting energy and could be causing damage to the HVAC system along with your furnace.
* Thermostat. Make sure your thermostat is in working order and get your temperature settings adjusted.

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Inspection and maintenance checks could prove to be a daunting task, especially for the people who know little about their mode of operations. Instead of making assumptions or ignoring the duty, hire an experienced technician from Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning to conduct a thorough inspection, and perform any maintenance work to prevent major issues from arising down the road. Call us today!

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