Heating & Cooling Tips for Running your HVAC System in all Types of Extreme Weather in Agawam MA

When weather reaches extreme temperatures it can take its toll on you, your family, your car and your home or business. Keeping cool can become a difficult comfort to attain when the heat outside is unbearable. And likewise, keeping warm can be very hard to achieve when it is freezing outside. Some homeowners feel a bit worried when it comes to cranking on the air conditioner or heater during days of extreme weather, while others have no problem turning their units to full blast. Your home should be equipped with air conditioning and heating units that can keep your home comfortable, no matter the temperature outside. At the same time, it is important not to push your units over their limits, as this could result in a burn out, leaving you extremely uncomfortable and with a hefty repair bill.

What Size HVAC System do I Need?

Some homeowners choose to install a bigger air conditioning unit or furnace, thinking the newer, bigger unit will supply their home with more cool or warm air than they could dream of. However, central air conditioning units are designed to suit the specific size of your home or office. When a larger unit is installed on a smaller structure, it pumps volumes of cool or warm air throughout the house. It also consumes much more energy, costing you more money to run your new system. Because the unit pumps such a large amount of air into the home, it runs for less amounts of time. While you may be thinking this is a good thing, it’s not. This means the unit is turning on and off more frequently, which can cause major damage to the unit down the road.

Heating & Cooling Tips

When temperatures are extreme outside, it is okay to run your system that is why you have it, to keep your home comfortable. There are steps you can take to lessen the blow your air conditioning unit or furnace will take. These steps will assist in keeping your home a comfortable temperature so your unit doesn’t have to work quite as hard during the extreme heat. In summer, turn your thermostat up a couple of degrees and be satisfied with 78 degree temperatures in doors. This is much cooler than 100 degree heat. Close off rooms and vents that are not being used; this will direct the cool air into the areas of your home that you spend the most time in. Shading your windows during extreme heat will also assist your air conditioning unit when temperatures are extreme outside. Blocking direct sunlight from coming into your home will help keep temperatures cooler in your house. Another way to keep our home cool and ease the load your air conditioning unit must take on during extreme temperatures is to cook outside. Make good use of your barbeque grill and don’t heat up your home by using the oven or stove top. In the winter – do the opposite. Escape that freezing weather and cook inside in your kitchen!

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