Home HVAC Energy Efficiency Tips & Improvements for South Hadley Massachusetts Homes & Businesses

In today’s world there is a bigger push to become more energy efficient, whether that be with the car you drive, changes you make within your home or in other ways. Being energy efficient is great for the environment and will also save you money. When it comes to making changes within your home, there are some pretty simple steps you can take as a home owner that can make quite an impact on your pocket book in a good way while saving a significant amount of energy.

While some home owners have been known to go to extremes, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning have prepared the following easy tips to increased energy efficiency

Regular HVAC Maintenance – Your air conditioning unit and furnace work hard throughout the year to provide you and your family with more comfortable temperatures in the house. Whether you are escaping from the stifling heat of the summer or need a cozy warm room to unfreeze your toes from the winter air, your HVAC unit is there to make life a lot more enjoyable. Like any other appliance, performing regular maintenance on these units will assist in energy efficiency. When your HVAC unit is working smoothly, it is also saving you money. A unit that is not working properly has to work harder, run longer and produce mediocre results. Eventually it can burn out, costing you a great deal of money in repairs that could have been easily saved by getting a regular maintenance checkup.

Changing the air filters – This is necessary to have a proficient running unit in your home or office. When an air filter is dirty or clogged, it will affect the productivity of your unit, the length of time it runs, the air flow that is pumped into your home and your utility bill. Change your filter on a regular basis to be energy efficient. Dirty filters cost more to use, over work the equipment on your unit and result in poor air quality.

Together we Control the Sunlight! – Controlling the sunlight that enters into your home can also assist in making your home more energy efficient. During the summer it is important to have drapes to block direct sunlight, keeping your home as cool as possible without having to run the air conditioning all day long. Drapes can cool the temperature significantly in a room without the air conditioning running. During the winter, opening the drapes and allowing the direct sunlight in to warm a room will reduce the need to turn on your furnace.

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