Hot Inside Your Chicopee, MA House? Central Air Conditioner Compressor Needs Repair, Clogged AC Condenser & More

The summer is a great time of year that most people will choose to head out on a road trip, take a vacation, spend time with family and swim. These are some of the common things you might find people enjoying during the hot season. The summer is also a time of year that you want to find a place to cool off and that is usually your house. After a day out in the sun you want to be able to get out of the sun and cool down. When your air conditioner is not working properly it can be difficult to cool off and be comfortable. The air conditioning unit should cool the house down and when it stops doing that it means that there is an issue you need to have addressed by a professional. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what might stop your central air conditioner from cooling your home.

AC Compressor Needs Repair

When you come home and you have your thermostat that is set to the right temperature and your house is not reaching that it means there is a problem. The air conditioning unit is not doing what is needed to cool the house down. There are several issues that can be wrong with the unit that will cause it not to cool the house. One is with the compressor that is on the unit. The compressor is part of the outdoor area of the unit. The compressor runs the large fan that is on the top of the outdoor unit. This needs to be able to move freely and spin when the unit is on. When the fan is not running the air is not being dissipated and sent away from the unit. it can cause the heated air to get back in the house and not allow the house to cool down properly. You want to have your compressor replaced right away.

Clogged Home AC Condenser

When you look on the outside of your house there is a large unit that is out there. This is called your condenser and it can become dirty and clogged. The condenser is outside which means it can be covered in dirt, dust and other debris. The problem is that this is needed to move the heated air from the area so that the cooled air can be sent in the house. When the condenser is dirty it will cause the unit to not cool the home. You want to have your condenser cleaned and maintained by a professional. This is often the reason that the unit is not cooling the house properly.

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leaks

The other issue that you might have that is not letting the air conditioning to cool the house down properly is due to the refrigerant. If your refrigerant is low and the AC is not cooling the house down then it likely has a leak. This is something that needs to be addressed by a professional that can come out and make the repair as well as re-charge the unit as well.

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