How Do I Know if My AC Compressor is Bad in Wilbraham, MA? Not Cooling House, Loud Sounds & More

An air conditioner is a complex system that sometimes seem like magic. Each component works to transform a liquid refrigerant and turn into a gas and back into a liquid. The refrigerant as it turns into a gas removes the heat from the air creating cold air that is then circulated throughout the home. The component that turns the refrigerant into a gas from a liquid is the unit’s compressor. When the compressor fails the air conditioner will fail to make the needed cool air. When the compressor fails it is important to seek repairs or replace the compressor to restore your air conditioner. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share what signs to watch for in a failing compressor to better troubleshoot your air conditioning faults.

Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling My House

When you know your air conditioner is running and you can feel air blowing through the air vents, yet the air is warm, this is not a good sign. When the rest of the air conditioner seems to be working properly yet you only feel warm air this can mean the compressor isn’t working. It is the compressor working with the evaporator coil system that create the cool air. If the compressor fails then the heat will never be removed from the air. As a result you will only have the same warm air circulating throughout the home. A compressor can fail for a few different reasons such as:
• Faulty Wiring
• Bad Contactors
• Failed Capacitors
• Motor Failure
When the compressor fails, depending on the cause, repairs may be fast and simple. However, be prepared for total compressor replacement.

Ice on Air Conditioner

The compressor works with the evaporator coil, the coil helps to absorb the heat from the air as the air flows over them. When the air flow is restricted, the condensation of the coil will ice up. When the ice builds up this will block the air flow to the compressor. When the air flow is blocked, the compressor’s motor will overheat and fail. Restricted air flow can be due to a few problems such as:
• Dirty Evaporator Coils
• Dirty Condenser Coils
• Dirty Air Filter
It is important to change out the air filters and keep the coils cleaned. With routine HVAC tune-ups the coils will stay clean and you just need to remember to change out your air filter every one to three months.

What Sound does a Bad AC Compressor Make?

When the air conditioner’s compressor begins to fail, it may develop some odd noises. In a split air conditioning system, it will be the outdoor unit that develops the noises. The compressor can develop different noises which indicate a certain type of problems such as:
• Humming indicates connection problems or failing motor.
• Rattling indicates a loose part.
• Squealing indicates a dying compressor.

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If your air conditioner’s compressor is showing signs of failure, seek HVAC services to investigate the problem. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning can help with air conditioning inspection, repairs, replacements and more. Call us today!

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