How Do I Stop My Air Conditioner from Developing Water Leaks & Drain Pipe Clogs in Northampton, MA?

During the hot summer months the air conditioner will probably cycle every couple of hours. When an air conditioner runs a cycle the evaporator coil will gather the vapor in the air and eventually cause condensation to build up. As the condensation builds up, it will drain through the condensate drainage system. When there is a flaw in the condensate drainage system, this can result in water leaks. Water leaks can be found on the roof, in the ceiling and even the walls, depending on the HVAC system design. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common reasons why an air conditioner will leak water and what flaws your HVAC drainage system may have.

What Types of Problems Might Occur with a Condensate Drain Trap?

The condensation drainage system uses a trap which is a large pan that sits directly underneath the unit. As the condensation falls and drips down, the trap will collect the water. The trap has a drain where the water will flow through and into a piping system that directs the water safely away from the home. When you have a water leak coming from the air conditioner, you will first want to inspect the trap. A trap can develop two major problems. The first is that there is a clog. The drainage hole can become clogged which will trap the water inside the trap. The trap isn’t very deep which means water can eventually fill the trap and begin to leak out. You will need to clean the drain to allow the water to flow through and out of the drainage system. The second problem are holes. The traps are metal and water can eventually cause rust to form and eat its way through the trap. The rust hole will allow water to drip out of the trap and a slow leak will occur. These leaks will tend to be very close to the unit which will help you determine that the trap is the reason behind the leak.

Troubleshooting AC Drain Pipe Line Clog & Leak

As previously mentioned, the condensation will flow through a drainage pipe line. Some leaks may occur if there is a problem with the pipe line. The pipe line can develop a clog which will prevent the water to flow out. Eventually, water will fill the pipe and then begin to fill the trap. It can be hard to locate a clog in the pipe line. However, the pipe line can be cleared. Often a professional will use an air compressor and use a strong force of air pressure to clear the clog. Another problem that can occur in the pipe line is a break. The pipe line itself can break and water will leak out through the break. This will result in a leak occurring anywhere along the pipe line. The leak may not be near the air conditioner unit at all, but could be in the ceiling, wall, or roof is there is a rooftop unit. The break will need to be located and repaired to restore your condensation drainage system.

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