How to Prepare & Start Up Your Boiler for Winter in Palmer, MA; Bleed Out Radiator, Pipe Insulation & More

As we start to see more and more days with temperatures much cooler than we have experienced thus far this fall, it is clear that it’s time to start preparing ourselves for the cold weather that winter brings. Before you turn on the heat and get your boiler up and running, there are some things that should be done to make sure it’s ready to take on the task of heating your home this winter. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some tips to prepare your boiler for this winter.

Bleed Out the Radiator

When you touch the radiator, it should be equally warm on the top and the bottom. If you find that the top is cold, it is a sign that there is air trapped in there and it needs to be bled out. Without releasing this air, it can cause undue stress on your boiler and cost you more money in energy costs. On top of bleeding out the radiator, you the water column and boiler should be blown out daily. When you are doing this, it’s a good time to check the feedwater pump’s operation as well.

Check Boiler Flame

You should also check the boiler’s flame. When looking at the flame, it should be blue. If you notice that the flame is looking yellow or smokey, it is a sign of a serious problem that should be checked out by a professional right away.

Boiler Pipe Insulation

Your boiler has an external condensate pipe that is exposed to outside temperatures. If this freezes, it will cause your boiler to shut off automatically. This is a safety measure that is built into your boiler for protection. You can prevent this from happening by insulating the pipe and keeping the heat on a low temperature whaen there are extreme conditions outside.

Boiler Inspection

You should be looking for any warning signs that there is a problem with your boiler. These can include cracks, clunking noises, leaking and soot accumulation. Most people can plan to get 25-30 years out of their boiler before needing to replace it. However, if your boiler isn’t installed properly, you could see issues with it as early as 2-3 years after having it installed. If you notice any leaking of any kind, it is time to call on an HVAC professional to help you get to the bottom of the cause. Most of the time, if there is a leak, you will want to replace all the tubes and pipes rather than only the one that is leaking to avoid future problems.

Boiler Maintenance, Installation, Replacement & More in Springfield, Granby, Holyoke, South Hadley, Monson, Chicopee & Agawam, Massachusetts

If you are getting close to needing that boiler to keep you warm at night, you can call on the professionals at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure it’s ready to go. We will perform the yearly maintenance needed for your boiler that will ensure your heat is ready when the temperature drops. Call us today!

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