Is Water Leaking from Central Air Conditioner Dangerous? How Do You Fix this AC Problem in Chesterfield, MA?

There are things you need to know when you are a homeowner. You want to make sure you know when there is a problem so that you can get it repaired or replaced. The great thing is that there are lots of signs you can use to know when there is trouble. When it comes to your air conditioner it is a main appliance that is a necessity. Most people rely on the air conditioner and the heater to ensure that your home is comfortable. The temperature in your house is important and a way to make sure you have a nice place to be when the weather outside is not optimal. The air conditioner has parts that can be wrong with it and could need to be repaired or replaced. If you overlook the signs of damage you can end up with a bigger issue. When it comes to your air conditioner you should not see any water or moisture leaking. If you do there is a problem that you want to have repaired right away. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what is causing your AC to leak water.

AC Drain Line Clogged Symptoms

When you notice that there is water that is leaking when your air conditioner is running it means that there are problems with the unit. It should not have water that is leaking and that is why the secondary drain line is somewhere along the roof line and leaks over a window. This is so that you notice when it is leaking and can call a professional. The problem is that the secondary line should never be leaking water from it. If it is that means that your main drain line is either clogged or damaged. The main line should take any moisture that is building up and send it away from the unit and the house. The clogged line is a problem and should be taken care of by a professional.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The air conditioner works to remove the heated air from the house and let the cooled air in. This will cool the house down and give you the temperature that you want. The way that this happens is that the coils have to be in working condition. The coils can freeze over and that makes it so that they are not able to function. The coils then start to leak as they thaw out and that will lead to water that is then leaking and pooling around the unit. The coils that are leaking over may be because they are damaged or the unit is low on refrigerant.

Damaged Condensate Pump

The air conditioner is removing hot air from the house and that will cause condensation. The great thing is that the unit was manufactured with that in mind and has a condensation pan and a pump to remove the moisture. If the pan overfills it will start to leak over the edge and create pooling that is not good. You want to make sure that you have your pump repaired or replaced.

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If your air conditioner is leaking water, you are safe, but you should still call for AC repair. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning can come out to your house to make sure that your AC unit is not leaking water. Call us today!

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