New SEER Standards for 2023 in Amherst, MA; SEER 2 HVAC Mandate & Energy Star Rating

In 2023, there will be significant changes to the efficiency ratings of air conditioners. Starting from January 1st, all SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings will be replaced with SEER2 ratings. These updated regulations will vary depending on the region and will have a positive impact on the environment due to their enhanced efficiency. With this in mind, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to discuss the new SEER changes that occurred in early 2023.

What is the SEER 2 HVAC Mandate for 2023?

The transition to SEER2 ratings will bring about various changes concerning energy consumption, utility bills, availability of replacement parts, and more. At Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning, we aim to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the upcoming changes in SEER ratings so that you can make informed decisions when purchasing a new unit for your home.

What is the Energy Star SEER2 Rating?

SEER ratings, in essence, measure the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of your air conditioning unit. Typically, you can find this number on the yellow energy guide sticker affixed to your unit. It is calculated by dividing your home’s annual cooling output during the cooling season by the total electric energy input. Air conditioning units with higher SEER ratings tend to use less energy while effectively cooling your home, resulting in lower monthly utility bills. Currently, the standard minimum SEER rating for air conditioners stands at 13, with most modern units falling between 13 and 21. However, in 2023, the U.S. Department of Energy will raise the minimum efficiency requirements for central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps. The SEER2 rating is an updated method of assessing your unit’s efficiency, employing a different testing procedure. This new rating can be determined by dividing the cooling output by the total electric energy input of your unit.

How is SEER2 Calculated?

Starting in 2023, the minimum SEER rating will increase by varying amounts depending on the region within the United States. SEER2 ratings are based on the British Thermal Units (BTU) of your unit. AC professionals can determine the BTU, which measures the cooling power of your unit. The new required minimum SEER rating for air conditioning units will depend on the cooling output measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). To determine the exact minimum SEER rating for these counties, it is advisable to consult the specific regulations set by the local authorities or reach out to an HVAC professional in the area. They will have the most up-to-date information regarding the SEER rating requirements in Hampshire and Hamden County, Massachusetts, as they may vary based on regional guidelines. While improved AC efficiency brings benefits, these changes may lead to price increases for new units as homeowners seek replacements. Additionally, individuals with older units may face challenges in finding replacement parts for outdated systems.

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There are several advantages to investing in a new AC unit in 2023. With the improved efficiency of new units, it is an opportune time for homeowners to upgrade. Upgrading to a new unit can enhance the air quality within your home and reduce your utility bills as efficiency increases. Overall, a new unit with a higher SEER2 rating will lower your energy consumption. Aside from the environmental benefits, embracing the latest technology will also minimize the risk of breakdowns and costly air conditioning maintenance. No matter if you are looking to replace an outdated AC unit, having an AC newly installed, or looking for repairs or maintenance services, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is readily available to assist you!

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