Protecting Your Gas Furnace, Boiler or Heat Pump Heating System from Snow & Ice; HVAC Drain Lines, Intake Pipes, Valves & More

As many of us who live in the Northeast know, it is time to brace ourselves for another ice cold winter. That also means preparing and protecting our HVAC systems from the damage ice and snow can cause them. It is time to take these important steps, so you don’t go without heat this winter. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the best tips and methods on keeping your HVAC unit protected this winter; and your family warm.

HVAC Drain Line & Trap Design

As the snow begins to fall this cold winter season, expect this snow to melt and refreeze as the days come and go. This is where having a good working drainage system is important. If your drainage system doesn’t function properly, you can expect the water to flow and refreeze in your HVAC unit. This can cause expensive and severe damages. This is one of many issues HVAC systems may face this winter and something as simple as an inch of water can take out your HVAC unit. Therefore, we must take all of the necessary steps to protect your HVAC this winter.

Protect Your Gas Furnace Intake Pipe from Snow & Ice

For those with gas furnaces you will want to protect your intake pipe and make sure it is not exposed to snow or ice. Whether they are located on the roof or side walls of your home, you will want to protect them. You can use some insulation foam to cover the pipes. Remember, if the pipe freezes over, you can expect your furnace to shut down.

HVAC Maintenance if Heating Valves Are Exposed to Moisture

Both gas furnaces and boilers come equipped with valves and controls that often get damaged by ice or snow. Corrosion often sets in when exposed to water and especially long standing water like ice or snow. If your valves were exposed to moisture, have them checked by a professional and make sure they too are protected from winter elements.

Winter Snow Protection for Heat Pump

Often water from melting snow will drip from the roof or even the gutters onto the heating pump or fan blades. If the weather permits the water can refreeze and can take the heat pump out of balance. This will then lead to refrigeration leaks. If you notice frost build up on the coils it is normal. However if the unit becomes encased in snow or ice, clear it away immediately to avoid energy loss and or damages to your heat pump. Should damage occur, you will be without heat until the problem is fixed.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

During the winter months it is important to clear the snow off your HVAC system and keep all piping covered. Clear off any snow or ice as it occurs and make sure your roof’s drainage system is up to date and working properly. Address any other problems if you see any leaks or ice build up around your HVAC unit and piping. Regular maintenance of filter changes will also improve the function of the unit.

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Inspect and attend to your system after fresh snow and as the snow melts to prevent ice or water from corroding your unit and damaging other functioning systems. Before the freeze this winter, have Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning come inspect and perform regular maintenance to your HVAC unit and its heating systems. Call us today for your inspection and tune up.

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