Purpose of Central AC Refrigerant in Westhampton, MA, Symptoms & How to Fix Low Levels

When it comes to the overall function of the air conditioner, one of the most essential elements is the refrigerant. The refrigerant is often referred to as the lifeblood of the air conditioner unit. However, many don’t fully realize how important the refrigerant is and what it does. With a number of misconceptions about HVAC refrigerant, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will explain the refrigerant’s purpose and why it is so essential.

Function of Air Conditioning Refrigerant

As many know, the refrigerant is a liquid that is used to produce the desired cool air inside your home. The refrigerant goes between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the HVAC cooling system. The refrigerant flows between the evaporator coils where the refrigerant turns from a liquid to a gas state. The evaporator coil evaporates the refrigerant which is how the cool air is created. Cool air is created as the refrigerant evaporates. As it does, the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the surrounding air. Basically, it is the refrigerant that provides the cool air that flows into your home.

Symptoms of Low Refrigerant in Central Air Conditioner

Without the proper levels of refrigerant, the air conditioner wouldn’t be able to cool down the home. When the refrigerant completely runs out the air conditioner, it will not be able to produce any cool air. Often you will feel warm air blowing into the home. However, refrigerant doesn’t actually run out as it is recycled during the cooling process. When or if the air conditioner is actually out of refrigerant, it often indicates a serious problem. If the refrigerant levels are low or is gone completely it is due to a leak. Refrigerant leaks are rather common for both new and old air conditioner units. Luckily, refrigerant leaks in most cases can be repaired. When the refrigerant levels are low it does require a licensed HVAC technician to refill the refrigerant. Some of the first signs that the air conditioner unit is beginning to run low on refrigerant is that it will often take longer to cool the inside of the home. When the air conditioner system has run a long time, it is an early sign the refrigerant is low due to a leak. As the refrigerant level continues to drop lower and lower, the unit will run longer and even begin to overheat. This can trigger the breakers to trip. When the refrigerant is gone, the air conditioner unit will run but instead of blowing cool air, it blows warm or hot air. Leaks mostly occur on the evaporator coils along one of more of the copper tubes that connect to the coils.

How to Fix Low Refrigerant

When signs that your refrigerant is leaking manifests itself, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioner unit until it can be repaired. If the air conditioner continues to run, you will simply heat the inside of the home, run your power bill higher, and even cause damage to the air conditioner unit. When refrigerant is low, only a professional HVAC technician is authorized to fix it!

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When refrigerant leaks occur, it is best to have it repaired immediately. When you require HVAC repairs, replacements or an inspection of your HVAC system, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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