Reasons for Unusually High Central Air Conditioner Electric Bill in Southampton, MA; Lack of AC Maintenance & More

If you are in charge of the household bills you know that they will fluctuate during the different seasons. The cold weather means that you are paying more to keep your house warmed and that is why your gas bill may end up going up. The great thing is that usually the energy cost is cut while you are not needing to cool the house down. The summer months are a common time of year that the water is being used more and the energy cost will go up as well. One of the things that requires a good amount of energy to use is your air conditioning unit. The AC uses energy to cool the house down and to keep you and your family comfortable. Although you are sure to see your energy usage to go up in the summer but there is a limit is to what you should expect. It is a good idea to know what could be causing your energy cost to go up when using your AC. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what could cause your energy costs to go up when using your AC.

Age of Air Conditioner

You might see your energy costs go up a surprising amount during the summer and it is a good idea to determine if there is a problem. The cost of the energy should not go up substantially and if it does there is likely a reason. One of the main reasons that people end up seeing a rise in their energy use is when the air conditioning unit has reached the end of its life. The unit is something that has a long lifespan but it will not last forever. If you notice you are using more energy and your unit is reaching the 10 year mark it can be due to the age. The unit is meant to last about 10 years and if it is at that point you may need to replace your unit to save on energy use.

Neglected AC Maintenance

One of the things you should never skip out on regularly is having maintenance on the AC unit. The air conditioner has many moving and working parts that need to be repaired, cleaned and replaced to ensure that the overall health of the unit is good. The unit has to be maintained regularly to make sure that it is working efficiently. The better the efficiency the less energy that it will need to be used. To save money it is important that you keep your AC unit maintained.

Clogged Air Filter

One simple thing that you might be missing that can easily cause the energy cost to go up is the filters. Your unit has filters that have to be changed out around the house on a regular basis. If the filters are allowed to get clogged with dirt, dust and debris they cannot allow the right amount of air to move. This will mean that the AC unit will have to run longer to cool the house down.

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