Signs Your Boiler Or Furnace Heater in Need of Repair or Replacement in Easthampton, MA?

Although the weather is changing from the extreme heat of summer to the cool enjoyable temperatures of the fall there is not time to waste. You might think that you can just switch off your AC and let the outdoor temperature regulate your indoors. It is a great time of year for this to happen but you don’t want to wait until the first cold winter night to switch on the heating system that you use. The heater is a separate part of your HVAC system and has been sitting unused for several months. Anything that has been sitting for some time that is mechanical usually needs a little love before it will work perfectly. There are some steps that you need to take to test for signs that your heating system is in fact need of repair or replacement. You want to switch it from cool to heat and set the degree on the thermostat so that the unit will kick on. Be prepared to quickly turn it off if you encounter any number of problems. This pre-test is enough to get the repairs done before you are stuck sleeping through a cold night.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Signs to Look for to Determine Your Heating Unit is in Need of Repair or Replacement

Furnace or Boiler Not Heating: When you start up the heater and you set the temperature so that it should kick on, you expect to feel nice warm air flowing out of the air vents. When you don’t hear your unit kick on there can be several problems. One is that the power to the unit has been interrupted and often times that means the circuit has been tripped. You can check the breaker box and flip it back on. If this is the case and it has tripped a breaker it often means there is a problem with the unit that should be checked. It could also be that the unit is not synced with the thermostat. If you experience any of these issues you want to call to have the unit inspected and repairs made.
Furnace, Boiler or Heating Pipes Making Noise: When the heater is manufactured it goes through testing to ensure that the unit is working correctly. That includes the fact that the unit is going to be installed in a person’s home and run at all hours of the day and night. With that knowledge furnaces and boilers are made to work with very little to no noise at all. When you start to hear rattling, banging, squealing or more you have a problem. If one of belts have come loose or the fan is not rotating properly you may be hearing noise. If this occurs it is important to document the noise that you hear and shut off the unit. Call out a company that can diagnosis the problem and make the necessary repairs.
Gas or Electric Bill is Unusually High: Another sign that you have a problem won’t show up until you have started to use the unit enough to see it on your bill. Your energy bill will start to increase over the month enough that you will notice the increase. This can mean that the unit is working harder than it should and is in need of repairs.

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