Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips in Monson, MA; Adjust Thermostat, Check for Air Leaks, A/C Tune Up & More

Spring is not only for the joys of welcoming favorable weather conditions, outdoor activities, and awakening vegetation. Many folks take advantage of the nicer weather to perform many spring cleaning and home improvement projects. One of the most important things that should be on your to do list is tending to the spring maintenance involved in your HVAC system to prepare it for the alternative temperature settings associated with warm and humid conditions. With that in mind, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to relate some HVAC system tips you can incorporate in your planned projects for spring.

Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips

1) Adjustments to your programmable thermostats need to be applied in anticipation for the increase in temperatures.
2) The batteries on the thermostat and carbon monoxide detector should be replaced once a year or as often as needed. Check and make sure the batteries are adequately charged.
3) Assess the condition of your home and look for gaps, cracks, and holes, particularly by utility pipes. When you get to the windows and doors, inspect the weather stripping condition. After time, the weather stripping will experience wear and need replacing, especially in dryer climates. Repair and seal up any cracks, gaps or holes that were found.
4) An air conditioning unit spring tune up performed by your trusted professional is optimal. Your air conditioning unit has been lying dormant during the off season. When the air conditioning is not in operation more dust, dirt and debris gets an opportunity to settle and accumulate. Parts will deteriorate, lubricants will dry out, and running the unit under these circumstances can lead to costly repairs, or even replacements of the unit. To be sure your air conditioning unit is operating at peak performance; let the experts care for your unit.
5) The more recently developed high-efficiency pleated filters are a good investment for the overall care and efficiency of your HVAC system. They are designed with an electrostatic charge that works as a magnet to draw in and trap the tiniest of particles that can be known to carry bacteria and other contaminates.
6) Filters require year long maintenance, but now is a good time to ensure it is executed. Filters need to be replaced a minimum every 90 days, however, in a household with multiple residents and pets, along with smokers; filters should be replaced once a month.
7) Inspect your outdoor air conditioning unit. Remove any debris or vegetation that might have been encroaching on it and make sure it is clear of any clutter with at least two feet of clearance between your unit and the heat pumps of any piles of material or structures.
8) Check the refrigerant lines leading to your home for sufficient insulation and make sure there are no obvious leaks. Replace the insulation if it is deteriorating or missing.
9) Retain maintenance and tune ups on your furnace by a licensed professional. After a season of consistent use, chances are the wear and tear caused depletion of consumables and deterioration of moving parts. During professional services, parts are cleaned and inspected for efficient condition and lubrication is applied to prepare it for the off season.

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