Troubleshooting Operating, Rumbling Noises & Other Boiler Problems in West Springfield, MA

There are many ways you can keep your house warm. When it comes to the winter months there are lots of things that change. One of these are the items you wear. You also will likely spend more time doing activities that are indoors so that you can keep warm. You want to make sure your home is kept warm to keep your loved ones comfortable. The best way that you can do that is to make sure that your heating system is working. There are different types of heating units that can be used such as a boiler. When you have any type of appliance that is used to heat you want to make sure that you know what to look for when something is wrong. There are signs that you can look for when your boiler is in need of repair. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines some common boiler issues.

Boiler Kettling Banging Noises

One of the issues that you will have with a boiler at some point is called kettling. This is a problem that you will actually hear as opposed to see. The word kettling is something that just means that your boiler is making some unwanted noises. The most common sound that you will hear is a banging sound that comes when the boiler usually starts running. The other sound that you might start to hear is a rumbling as well. When you start to hear these sounds that means that there is a problem with the unit. The sounds means that there could be sediment or other particles that are in that tank. These could start to cause erosion and other problems with the tank and the pipes. You want to make sure that your boiler is inspected if you start to hear any uncommon sounds.

Boiler Pilot Light Not Igniting

The heating unit will often times use a pilot light that is there to light up and create heat. The heat needs to be healthy so that the boiler can create the heat that is needed and warm the house up. If you notice that there is not heat being created it can be caused by a faulty light. The best thing you can do is to check if the light is on. If it is not it is a good idea to turn off the boiler and call out a professional. They can come out to make sure that the pilot light is lit as well as healthy. This is an important part of the unit.

Boiler Leaking Water

The boiler does use water to create the heat that will warm the house up. The water means that the unit can experience a leak. The leak is a huge problem and could cause damage to the unit as well as the surrounding area. You want to make sure that if you see a leak from any pipes or the tank you have it inspected as well as repaired.

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