What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working in Easthampton, MA; Weak Air Flow, Short Cycling & Pilot Light is Out

The appliances that we use in our homes are important and make everyday life much easier. They each have an important role and one of them that makes your home the most comfortable is the air conditioner and heating system. They are considered your HVAC unit and will run to cool the house or heat it up. You need to use the heater in the winter and you want to also have it working through the spring as well. The spring is a time of year that is starting to warm up but it can still be cold enough that you want to keep your home warm. The heater is important and you want to make sure that you know what could go wrong and what is causing it. When you have an idea you know what you need to call out a professional to make the necessary repairs. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning troubleshoots common furnace problems.

Furnace Short Cycling

One of the issues that you might have with your heater is that it can start to short cycle. This is a term that is used when a unit runs only for a short time and then it shuts off without the home being heated up to the proper temperature. The issue is that the unit should run when the home drops under a particular temperature and continue until the home reaches the desired degree that is set on the thermostat. The most common reason behind this happening is that there is clog in the unit somewhere. It can also be from the unit being the wrong size for your home. If this is a new issue it is likely from something other than the size. You want to make sure that you call out a professional to find the culprit and to make the needed repairs.

Furnace Pilot Light is Out

Many heaters use natural gas to warm the home up. The heat is created when the gas is lit by a pilot light and then this will create heat that will then warm the house. The pilot light will on occasion go out and then the heater is not able to work. The light can usually be lit and often this is the fix. The problem is that there is usually a secondary issue and that would need to be addressed as well. If you have a pilot light problem you want to stop using the heater until it is fixed to avoid gas leaking in your home which is a dangerous situation.

Weak Air Flow

You also should be able to stand on a chair and while the unit is running you can feel the air coming out. If you think that the air that is coming out has been reduced you want to make sure that you find out why. The most common cause is that the air ducts are clogged with dust and debris. They need to be cleaned out and clear to allow the air to flow properly.

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