What Causes Air Conditioning Unit to Freeze Up & How Do You Fix an AC that Freezes in Williamsburg, MA?

When you find the coils have frozen, troubles with the cooling system are indicated. We at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to cover how the ice develops on the air conditioner, particularly because we want to stress on the situation at this time.

Why is My AC Unit Freezing Up?

1) Blower Motor Fails. The blower motor is a primary element of the cooling system. It causes the air to stop flowing quickly enough over the coils no matter should the blower fan stops blowing, no matter if it is the spinning motor itself or the blower motor’s run capacitor. When the air stops blowing, the frozen coils are the result. In the event the blower motor is in the process of failing, you will likely hear irregular or rattling sounds from your air conditioner.
2) Refrigerant Levels have Lessened. Ice can be created on the unit when the refrigerant levels are low. The collected heat is released after the refrigerant is compressed. When the gas refrigerant is changed from the liquid, the dropped pressure occurs. There is not enough refrigerant in the system from the lack of pressure if the conversion happens too early. The condensed moisture on the coils will then freeze.
3) Dust Buildup on the Coils. Layers of dust on the refrigerant coils become compacted as the debris and the moist air condensing on the cold surface occurs. The frozen coils are created from as this thick blanket creates insulation that traps within the coils themselves.
4) Poor Ducts. The air ducts are critical in order to distribute the air throughout the home. Should the ducts be insufficient in dispersing the air, the airflow cannot reach the coils. Even if the system is running smoothly, the cooling systems airflow is lost from flawed air ducts. Because there’s not enough warm air to manage the temperatures, the coils begin to freeze.
5) Malfunctioning Voltage Fan. If the air conditioner becomes a central part of your summer power, the air conditioner requires electricity to a variety of high-power components to run. When your fan or blower motor are receiving enough power while the compressor keeps running problems can occur as well.
6) Air Filter Neglect. All too common for homeowners is neglecting the air filters. When the filters are overwhelmed, the coils will freeze since the airflow is extremely restricted.
7) Restricted Airflow. When there is not enough airflow, the air conditioner unit is known to freeze over. It can be challenging to identify the cause as there are many problems contributing to the little airflow from the blower motor to the air intake. While the compressor continues run when the airflow in the system is impeded, it stops warm air from flowing over the coils.

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If you discover find the coils are frozen, you need to promptly use the thermostat to shut off the system. Then call for professionals to prevent further damage. Be sure to call Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning if in the event you discover the air conditioner has a buildup of ice or is experiencing any other problems.

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