What Does it Mean when Your AC Breaker Keeps Tripping in Southwick, MA & How to Fix?

When your air conditioning system keeps turning off due to the breaker tripping, this is a sign that there is a problem. An air conditioning system has a dedicated breaker which means nothing else will use that circuit besides the air conditioner. In short, you should never overload the breaker, which means the tripping is occurring because there is a problem with the air conditioner. Today Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will help walk you through the steps in determining what is causing the breakers to trip.

Clogged Air Filters

If your air conditioner is tripping a lot, start by checking your air filters. Dirty air filters cause the air conditioner to work hard and causes stress. Often when an air conditioner is overworked and stressed it can become overheated and will cause the breakers to trip. Dirty air filters can have a major effect on the air conditioning system including causing the breakers to trip. It is very important to maintain clean air filters.

Dirty Condenser Unit

The outdoor unit is the condenser. The condenser is responsible for absorbing the heat from the air and to circulate the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system. The condenser has coils that need to be kept clean or it can restrict the air flow and cause the unit to overheat. Along with the coil being cleaned, the condenser needs plenty of space to ensure proper air flow. It is recommended that you keep the surrounding area of the unit clean and free of vegetation or debris. If your breakers are tripping frequently, check to see if the condenser and the surrounding area needs to be cleaned.

Shorted Out Motor

There are a few different motors throughout an air conditioning system. There is a compressor and fan motor as well as the blower motor. These motors do much of the heavy work in the air conditioning system and they tend to run for long periods of time. When the motor begins to wear down they can overheat which causes the breakers to trip. In some cases the motor may need to be cleaned, have the bearings replaced, lubricated or it may be time to replace the motor altogether. If the breakers are tripping due to a worn down motor, you will need to have an HVAC technician inspect the various motors and determine what needs to happen to repair your air conditioning system.

Bad Circuit Breaker

In some cases there may be nothing wrong with the air conditioning system at all. When a breaker trips frequently the problem could be a loose connection in the circuit or the breakers themselves are wearing down. When a problem cannot be found with the air conditioner, you will need to redirect your attention to the electrical system. All the wiring connections will need to be checked to see if they are damaged or loose. The breaker will also need to be inspected and possibly replaced.

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