What Does the Fan Setting on My Thermostat Do? Should it be Set to Auto or On in Agawam MA

Difference Between Auto and Fan on Thermostat

When you go to set your air conditioning unit you might only switch the thermostat from cool to heat and set the temperature that you want. Another option that is on most air conditioning units is the fan option. You can either set the fan to a setting that says “on” or set it to “auto”. Many people are not sure what the fan is and what setting is best to use. The fan is an option on the AC unit so that you can set your unit as customized as you want. The fan is used to help circulate the air in the home whether it is cooled or heated. It is a great way to keep the air moving and let the temperature stand longer. This function is especially good to use when you are trying to cool your home since it can keep the hot air mixed in good and the cool air moving. The question is what is the best setting to use for your air conditioning fan? Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning has the answers. Contact us for all your HVAC needs!

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines the difference between the on and fan setting on your thermostat and what might be best for you.

Setting the Fan To ON: This is not the setting that is used most often in homes. You may think that this setting is best because it is always better to keep the air moving. The problem is just that the fan is constantly on and running nonstop. If you are energy conscience then you probably don’t want to use this setting. The fan will use more energy than your air conditioning unit is already using. The AC unit uses the vast majority of energy from your home each month. If the fan is set to on, the energy will start to rack up and you will notice a change in your energy usage and bill. The fan can use just as much as your refrigerator if you are using it all the time.
Setting The Fan To Auto: This is a much better option. The fan will kick on and start to run when the unit deems it necessary and only run for a shorter amount of time. This means that the air will be circulated through the house when it is needed but not more than that. The energy usage will stay down and you can save yourself some money.

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