What Happens if Your Furnace Draft Inducer Fan or Motor Stops Working, is Failing or Bad in Easthampton, MA?

In recent years there has been a government mandate requiring all new gas furnaces to have a draft inducer. A draft inducer helps to ensure safety by removing dangerous gases that are produced by gas furnaces. The draft inducer ensures that all of the fumes and gases that develop are forced through the flue or chimney and out of the home. For those with newer gas furnaces, you most likely have a draft inducer. If the draft inducer fails, you can potentially have dangerous fumes and gases ventilate into your home. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to talk more about draft inducers, how they work and signs that its motor has failed.

What is the Purpose of a Draft Inducer?

A draft inducer is basically a fan that sucks in air inside the furnace. The draft inducer has a spinning fan and a motor to power the blades. This fan will suck out the gases and fumes produced by a gas furnace and ensures that the gases are being removed and ventilated out through either the flue or chimney. During the heating process the draft inducer motor starts up about 30 to 60 seconds before the burner. The draft inducer helps to provide a steady flow of oxygen to the burners and pumps out the gases at the same time. Additionally the draft inducer will help prevent the burner from developing any soot build up or blockage. Even though the primary function of the draft inducer is to ventilate out all of the gases, the draft inducer aids in the function and performance of the furnace. When the draft inducer fails, often something has gone wrong with the motor. To ensure safety for your home and household, you will want to be able to detect warning signs that the draft inducer motor has failed.

How Do I Know if My Furnace Draft Inducer Motor is Failing or Bad?

When the draft inducer’s motor is wearing or has failed, you will often hear a tapping noise when the furnace first starts up. That tapping is either the result of dirt and grime that has built up around the fan shaft or the bearings inside the motor are rubbing together. If the noise sounds more like a vibration, the inducer motor wheel may be out of balance. If the wheel does come out of balance it will eventually collide with other components. If the motor has died completely, this can pose a serious problem. The fan can actually block the vent flue and trap the gases, causing them to back up. If you notice signs that the draft inducer is in trouble, shut the furnace off and have the draft inducer replaced or cleaned.

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When a draft inducer motor fails, it is such that rebuilding the piece isn’t possible. Other than cleaning the fan shaft, in most cases, you will need to have the draft inducer replaced. To ensure the furnace is properly diagnosed and for draft inducer replacement, seek a professional HVAC service. For quality HVAC services, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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