What is the Purpose of an Air Conditioning Liquid or Suction Line Filter Drier in East Longmeadow, MA?

The refrigerant is essential for the cooling process and a lot can go wrong. Most people are familiar with a refrigerant leak. However, that is not the only problem that can occur with the refrigerant system. Blockages can develop in the filter driers where the refrigerant passes through. Most are unfamiliar with the filter drier. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share more about this component and how it can affect your cooling system.

How Does an AC Filter Drier Work?

A filter drier is a device that is used in an air conditioning system to help keep the refrigerant clean. During the cooling process the refrigerant will travel through different systems transforming from a liquid into a gas and back into a liquid. During the cooling cycle and the vast transformation of the refrigerant, it is exposed to a number of dirty contaminants. The filter driers help to keep the refrigerant clean. The filter captures the contaminants such as dirt, small metal and other particles. The filter drier sits in front of the refrigerant’s control device which is either a thermostatic expansion valve or it can be a simple capillary tube. As the filter removes particles in the refrigerant, the drier helps to remove excess moisture.

What is the Importance of Using a Filter Drier with Your Air Conditioning Unit

Filter driers are important, as moisture can build up within the refrigerant. When this occurs the refrigerant itself can freeze up or the water inside the refrigerant freezes. This will cause a blockage and the refrigerant cannot flow properly. The moisture can also cause formations of an acidic sludge when the refrigerant makes contact with any oil in the HVAC system. The filter drier help keeps the refrigerant clean and free of moisture, if the refrigerant isn’t kept pure, blockage or restrictions will occur. A blockage can have the similar symptom of a refrigerant leak. If an air conditioner doesn’t get enough refrigerant it will fail to create cool air. You may also have seen the evaporator or condenser coils ice up. You may only feel warm air blowing through the air vent. As the home becomes warmer and warmer, the HVAC system will run more often without any results. You will have a hot home and an outrageous power bill.

What are the Two Types of Filter Driers?

There are two major types of filter drier used today. One is a Liquid Line and the second is a Suction Line. A liquid line is connected to the condenser coils and before the expansion valve. As the refrigerant travels from the condenser it is filtered and dried before entering the expansion valve. A suction line is placed after the evaporator and before the compressor. A suction line is designed to protect the compressor. If contaminants make it through, the compressor can fail.

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It is important to keep the filter drier protected and maintained. During routine tune-up the filter is checked to make sure it isn’t too dirty and the drier is operating properly. It is important to maintain your HVAC system. If you haven’t had your unit tuned up yet or your air conditioner is developing problems, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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