What to Do when Air Conditioner is Freezing Up in Monson, MA? Signs & Causes of a Frozen AC Unit & How to Unfreeze

Many homeowners do not think there is such a thing as “too cool” when enduring a grueling summer. Unfortunately, an air conditioner frosting over indicates a big problem. When it comes to the air conditioner frosting up, it is a problem that needs to be rectified as quickly as possible. Today, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to elaborate on the air conditioner freezing over.

Signs of a Frozen AC Unit

A homeowner might not know that the problem if an AC freezes up in many cases. Literal ice formations on the unit to its evaporator coils where sometimes it is as obvious as a bunch of puddles on the ground. It is more subtle in some cases rather than others. To help prompt you to investigate further, knowing these less obvious signs provides an option to assist you, and they are listed below.
– From the unit, there are unusual sounds coming
– The system short cycles or kicks off early.
– Puddles are discovered close to outdoor unit
– Indoor air conditioner has surrounding condensation
– Air conditioner proper temperature are not reached

What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze?

There are many causes that lead to the system getting too cold. Where some sources can be easily rectified yourself and other situations require a professional repair.
1) Low / Leaking Refrigerant. Running low on air conditioner refrigerant is a common misconception. There are three components to the cycle that includes the condenser, the compressor, and the evaporator. The refrigerant cycles at all times, and it is never used up. When the unit is not fully charged with refrigerant it is likely there is a leak, or less likely that the technician didn’t charge it at the time of installation. Even without the refrigerate, this happens because the air conditioner will attempt to operate as normal. When there’s no refrigerant, the system will begin to accumulate too much cold, leading to ice, since it is important part of the cycle is the refrigerant compressing and reaching extremely high temperatures.
2) Air Flow Complications. In order to operate effectively, an air conditioner requires very precise air pressure levels, as this why you should not close vents, and a healthy air flow. It depressurizes the unit, basically suffocating it and causing excessive buildup of cold air when air flow is restricted. Weak air flow includes the following:
– Blocked return ducts. To remain unblocked at all times, vents need to be clean and free of debris.
– Clogged air filter. In order to promote healthy air flow, be sure to replace your filter frequently, once every month or two should be good. The HVAC system is given an efficiency boost.
– Using incorrect air filter. In your air conditioner, avoid using HEPA-grade air filters. Although there are a few niche exceptions, these are usually rated for commercial equipment and not home use.
– Maintenance is neglected. As it will choke your system in no time, a system that doesn’t get an AC tune-up frequently enough will build up tons of dust, grime, and debris. Do not avoid annual maintenance.

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If your air conditioner is freezing up, be sure to call in the professionals of Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning and let our certified technicians assist you.

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