Why is My AC Giving Off a Bad Rotten Eggs Smell, Musty Odor or Burning Scent in Chicopee, MA?

When your AC kicks on to start cooling your house, a bad odor isn’t something that you expect to accompany it. Bad odors coming out of your AC unit is never a good thing. Sometimes, it means that you have repairs that need to be made. It is important to understand what certain odors might mean so that you can make any repairs that are needed before you are facing a much bigger problem. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about strange AC odors and what they mean.

What Does it Mean if Your AC Smells Weird?

If you smell something strange coming out of your AC unit, it is important to take note of the type of smell you’re smelling. Different smells mean different issues that need to be addressed. Some issues might be able to be handled on your own, but there are some that will require professional help.
– Musty & Damp: When you are smelling something damp and musty as your AC turns on, it means you have a moisture problem somewhere in your system. It can also mean that you might have a mold issue on your hands. What many people don’t realize is that their AC system works to remove moisture from the air in your home while it cools things off. If there is no way for that moisture to drain away, it can lead to mold growth and an unpleasant smell coming from your vents.
– Rotten Eggs Odor: Another unpleasant smell that you don’t want to experience when your HVAC system kicks on is the smell of rotten eggs. This is usually indicative of a gas leak somewhere. Natural gas is an odorless gas that has an additive in it that smells like sulfur so that homeowners know where there is a leak somewhere. A natural gas leak is a serious issue that needs to be fixed right away and will require professional help.
– Burning AC Smell: Another alarming odor coming from your unit is a burning smell. This is another serious issue that will probably require the help of professionals. It can be cause by a couple of different issues including a wiring problem or a motor that is overheating. If you smell something that resembles something burning, it could mean that there is an increased risk of a fire in your home. You need to turn off your system right away and get the help of professionals to figure out what the issue is.

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If you’re experiencing foul odors coming from your vents when the AC turns on, you need to turn to Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning to come take a look. We will be able to diagnose the problem and come up with solutions that will fix in. We work quickly to get your cooling system back up and running flawlessly. Call us today!

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