Why is My A/C Unit Leaking Water in Holyoke, MA? Problems With Condensate Drain, Air Leakage, Air Conditioning Not Installed Properly, Restricted Airflow

What Does the Water Accumulation from My A/C Unit Mean?

If you have a central air conditioning system installed in your home, chances are good that you have noticed some water dripping somewhere around your house. Where this is totally normal, there are some instances where water accumulation is a sign something is wrong with your unit. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning lists reasons your A/C unit might be leaking water.

Problems with the Condensate Drain

It doesn’t take very much to clog the drain that removes the excess water from your unit. This is one reason it is especially important to keep the coils on your a/c unit clean. If there is any dirt on them, it can come off with the excess water and cause the drain to be blocked. This is a very common problem and also an easy one to fix. The drain should also be checked for any cracks that could also cause leaking.

Air Leakage

There are seals that make sure warm air doesn’t enter the unit. If there is a problem with these seals and they aren’t doing their job, it can cause the warm air to move through the unit. Once it makes contact with the cold air in the unit, it will cause condensation. This could cause water to accumulate around your unit. If this is the case, call a professional to check and replace any seals that may not be doing their job.

Air Conditioner Not Installed Properly

If your air conditioning unit wasn’t properly installed it can be uneven. If the unit is uneven for a long period of time it can cause the pipe to disconnect from the air conditioning unit which is the cause of leaks.

Restricted Airflow

There are a couple of reasons that the airflow can be restricted to your unit. If your unit isn’t getting the proper amount of airflow it can cause the coils to freeze over. One reason for restricted airflow are dirty filters. These filters should be changed regularly to avoid this problem. Another reason for the air restriction is low refrigerant levels. Make sure your air conditioning unit has the proper amount of refrigerant to avoid your coils from freezing. This can be done when Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning does the scheduled routine maintenance check on your system.

Cool Weather Facts

If the weather is starting to get cooler and the end of the hot season is approaching, this may be the cause for the excess water. If the outdoor temperature is too cold, the water doesn’t evaporate like it normally should. This problem should fix itself when the weather heats up again.

Too Much Pressure in A/C System

If there are numerous vents closed throughout your house this could be a problem for your unit. The added pressure of the closed vents can cause your A/C unit to work improperly and it can start to leak water. All vents should be checked for any blockage as well as that would also create added pressure to your system.

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If there is ever a time that you are noticing suspicious water leaking from your air conditioning unit, it is time to call a professional. Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning will answer any of your air conditioning questions and find the way to best solve your A/C problems.

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