Why is the Blower on My Furnace Not Working in Southwick, MA? Breaker, Thermostat or Other Fix?

When your furnace is having problems, we often want to try to fix it ourselves before having to call a professional. The good news is, that when your furnace blower is malfunctioning, there are a few things that you can do before you have to call a professional for help. These few things are very simple and easy to do as there are very common reasons why your furnace blower is not working properly.

Check Your Breaker

If your furnace blower is not working, it could be something as simple as you have a tripped breaker. You need to locate where your circuit breakers are and reset the switch. This is something very simple. When you trip the breaker it turns off the power too many things which could include your furnace blower. The great thing is that you will know right away if it is just the breaker after you reset it.

Check Thermostat

As silly as this sounds when your furnace blower is not working you want to go check your thermostat. Make sure that your thermostat is set correctly and it is on. If you have other people living in your house, it is very easy for someone to switch the thermostat without you knowing. Your thermostat could just be switched off when you are expecting it to be on.

Change Air Filters

If you have dirty air filters it can cause a lot of problems with your furnace and your air conditioner. When the air filters are dirty, it can restrict the airflow, which will then cause issues with your blower. It is important to always change your air filters monthly or up to three months. You never want to have dirty air filters. Check your filters or change them if you are having issues with your furnace blower.

Inspect Blower Motor

If you have tried your breaker, checked your thermostat, changed your filters and you are still having issues with your blower then you need to go check the blower motor. See if there is any visible damage and any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any type of issues with the blower it is best to call a professional to come and fix it. Do not try to do it yourself. Doing it yourself can cause bigger issues than what you are already dealing with.

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When you are having problems with your furnace blower not working, it is best to call a professional to come and take a look at it. The experts at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning are certified technicians who have been trained to take care of your furnace properly. We know what we are doing and how to do it in the safest and most correct way. Give us a call today if you are having any furnace blower problems.

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