Why the Size of Your New Heater Matters in Agawam, MA; Wrong Size Furnace or Boiler Equals Premature Aging, More Repairs & Higher Costs

When it comes to many things, the bigger the better. The problem with that saying is that it is not true for everything. When it comes to heating your home, the size of the heating unit is important. The heater is a huge part of the comfort of your home for the entire winter season. The temperature of your home is what can make it a good place for your family. When the heater does not work right it can become a real problem. Another issue that you have with a heating unit is when you have it replaced you could be getting the wrong size. You may not have even realized that there were different sizes of heaters but there are. The size of the unit plays a big part in the amount of energy you are paying for. If you choose a heater that is the wrong size you may be over paying; not only for energy but repairs as well.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Explains Why the Size Of Your Heating Unit Matters & How To Determine the Heater Size You Need

Does The Size of the Heater Matter?: When you are looking into having a new heating unit installed in your home you need to do what you can to be informed. When you go to look at what unit is right for you, price is not the leading factor but actually size. If you have a heater that is too small for your home you will see an increase in your energy bill. The reason is that the unit is so small, the amount of heated air that it can push is not enough to fill the rooms that it needs. That means that the unit will be running for a much longer time than necessary. This means you are using energy that is unnecessary. Another problem is that the unit would need to have repairs and potentially replacement too early instead of lasting the ten years that is expected. When the unit is too large you can still run into the same issues. When it is too big the unit will have to shut off and on rapidly which can run out the parts that will then need to be replaced. The energy usage will also increase since it takes more energy to start and stop rather than just running.
What Size Furnace or Heating Unit Do You Need?: When you are looking into changing out your heating unit you want to check a few things before you pull the trigger. The first step is to know what the square footage of your home is. That is the biggest determining factor in the size of the unit. Other factors include the amount of insulation that you have in the home. Once you have these things figured out you can talk to a professional HVAC company to decide on the size that is best fit for you.

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