Winter Boiler Heating System Maintenance Tips in Easthampton, MA; Cleaning, Servicing & More

Taking care of your boiler is important because it will keep you and your family warm throughout the winter. It is important to take care of it whether it’s new or old, so your home will be comfortable and so you can keep more money in your wallet.

How to Maintain a Boiler

1. Yearly servicing– This is a very important step to ensure it will run efficiently. This service will keep it running smoothly and safely. This step will do a lot to prevent a breakdown. The inspection will also find any problems that can be repaired before further damage occurs.
2. Regular boiler cleaning– Boilers will collect dust just like anything else and means it will need to be cleaned so dust buildup wont cause problems in the future. A soft cloth can be used to wipe the outside of it, but professionals should be used to clean the inside of your boiler. The water in them is extremely hot and you may even damage it in the process.
3. Bleed radiators– Maintaining your radiators does a lot to take care of your boiler because inefficient radiators cause your boiler to work harder. You can bleed your radiators yourself by opening up the valve on the radiator and letting any trapped air out.
4. Powerflushing– Powerflushing also deals with the radiators and does a lot of good for your boiler. A powerflush is a deep cleaning of the radiator and the central heating system where chemicals are used to flush out all the rust, sludge and other debris that collects and causes it to run improperly. The debris that builds up can damage the system. If your boiler is getting nosier then it’s a sign that it needs a powerflush.
5. Check pressure– The way a boiler performs has a lot to do with the pressure in it. If it loses pressure, it’s efficiency will decrease. The type of boiler you have will determine how often the pressure needs to be topped up. The pressure should be checked every couple of months. If the pressure is low, you can top it up or hire a professional to do it.
6. De-clutter– The area around the boiler needs to be kept clean because it needs to be well ventilated for it to work properly. Boilers inside cabinets or closets should not have other items in them. Always make sure the area is well ventilated.
7. Carbon monoxide detectors– When a boiler starts to run improperly it can start leaking carbon monoxide. This can be dangerous. For this reason, it’s important to ensure you have working carbon monoxide detectors to detect any leaking carbon monoxide.
8. Fix problems ASAP– Any issues with a boiler, small or large, need to be taken right away.

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