AC Preventive Maintenance Tip; How Often Should I Change the Air Conditioning Filters in My Holyoke MA House?

If you think about it, your air conditioning unit is working day and night and is on almost every day out of the year. The unit is either helping to cool or heat up the house during the majority of the year when the temperature outside is just not comfortable for you in your house. It also means that this appliance is the item that is responsible for the majority of the energy that you are using each month and paying for. There are several ways that you can save energy and money and still keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Having your air conditioning unit on a maintenance program to ensure that it is always working correctly is one way. Another way is to use an adjustable and programmable thermostat so that you can be in charge of the schedule each day. You also need to take care of the air filters inside your home.

Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning lists what the air filters do and why you need to change them out on a regular basis.

What Are The Air Filters Doing?: The filters are part of the air conditioning system and is one of the parts that is responsible for the quality of air in your home. All the air in your home goes through the return air which is started with a filter. The filter is able to catch the dirt and dust that naturally is part of every home no matter how clean you are. Dust comes in from the outdoors and on the people’s clothes and shoes that are in your home. If the filter was not there, all that dust would build up in the air ducts and that would be what is sent through your home which would make allergy sufferers have constant flare ups.
How Often Should Air Filters Be Changed Out: This is partially a trick question since there are lots of elements that are part of deciding how often to change the filter. There are many types of filters and some of them are made to last 30 days while others claim they will last for three months. You also have to look at the type of climate and weather you live around. If you live in a dry climate and have lots of wind you may need to change it more often. The best way to determine how often to change out your filters is to consult a professional HVAC company.

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