Care Tips for Your Central Air Conditioner in Monson MA; Avoiding Thermostat Problems, Changing Air Filters & Professional Service

Give your Central Air Conditioner the Care it Deserves this Summer

The weather is finally beginning to warm up, and for most of us we are turning on our air conditioning for the first time since last year. Your air conditioning unit deserves the best care and attention available to survive the extreme temperatures that will soon be arriving this summer. A poorly cared for air conditioning unit will perform poorly and leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable when those sky high temperatures arrive. The best way to care for your air conditioning unit properly is to hire Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning to regularly service and inspect your air conditioning unit.

Pay Attention to Thermostat Problems

One of the number one reasons that an air conditioning unit will fail to perform properly is due to your thermostat. When people get home from their day and their home is not feeling as cool as they would like it to, they tend to crank their thermostat down to a very low temperature thinking that it will make their unit work much faster or cool their home is a shorter amount of time than if they simply set it to a practical temperature. Not only will setting an extremely low temperature on your thermostat during the summer not cool your home fast, but it will also force your air conditioning unit to work much harder, possible resulting in a burn out.

Change the Air Conditioning Filters in Your Home Regularly

It is easy to get into the habit of changing your air filters. One way to get into a regular habit of changing your air filters is by adding new air filters to your shopping list every couple of months. This will be a helpful reminder that it is time to change your old filters out and replace them with new ones. Avoidable repairs and expensive energy costs are the results of homeowners who neglect this simple yet extremely important task.

Avoid Running Your Air Conditioning Constantly

Many homeowners make the enormous mistake of keeping their air conditioning unit running all day long. This usually occurs during the hottest months of the year when temperatures outside are so very high. Nothing can feel quite as refreshing as walking into a wonderfully cooled home to escape the stifling heat that almost seems to be stagnant outside of your front door. But running your air conditioning unit 24 hours a day is not necessary to provide that comfort. Most air conditioning units need only just a few minutes to cool your home, so avoid costly repairs or replacements and do not run your air conditioning all day long. Contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning today to make sure that you and your family will be comfortable this upcoming summer.

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