Air Conditioner Fall & Winter Care in Holyoke Massachusetts; Cleaning, Insulating, Covering & Inspecting

Sometimes new homeowners are completely clueless how to prepare their homes for the upcoming season. Even the experienced homeowner may not have been enlightened on some useful advice. There is no homeowner manual with a complete checklist to remind us what to do each time the weather changes. But we are going to advise you on how to prepare your air conditioning unit for fall and winter.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning has preparing the following tips to get your air conditioner ready for the colder months:

Turn off your Air Conditioning Unit – When it’s time to put the air conditioner in winter hibernation, start by finding the air conditioning circuit near your unit. Usually a plastic or metal lid covers the circuit unit. Open up the lid, and switch your unit to off. By doing this it will prevent your air conditioning unit from flipping on during an unseasonably warm day.

Clear and Clean your Air Conditioner – Remove branches, leaves, weeds or grass clippings away from your unit. With your hose, generously spray out your unit clearing it of bird excrement, dirt, and debris. Before any further action is required, be sure your air conditioning unit is completely dry.

Insulate Exposed Exterior Pipes – Install foam pipe covers on any exterior pipes or hosing that is exposed. Make sure the foam covers are cut to fit properly. The insulation for the pipes will protect the piping from freezing temperatures. Wrap duct tape around the foam covers to keep them secure.

Cover your Air Conditioning Unit – Cover the HVAC unit with plastic or vinyl cover. Whichever you choose to use, make sure it is waterproof! Some manufacturers make cover specifically to fit individual units, if you are not sure contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc and we can help you. If the manufacturer does not make a cover, you can use any vinyl or plastic covering that fits your unit. Vinyl wraps or bungee cords can be wrapped around your unit to keep the covering fastened in place. Be sure the cover is secured tightly an can survive a fierce wind storm.

Inspect your Air Conditioner – It is a good habit to check on the unit weekly to make sure the cover is in place and ice, snow, water and debris is kept clear off your unit.

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A final inspection is always a safe bet if you feel your air conditioning unit is faulty. Some put off hiring the professional since it’s close to winterizing our homes, but you don’t want any quick fixes to fester all winter long either. Putting off any minor problems, could result in major ones for the following summer season. Our experts at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc can make sure your air conditioning unit is properly functioning and answer any questions you have for preparing your unit for fall and winter. Contact us today!

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