Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips; How to Clean A/C Condenser Coils Outside of Your Granby, MA Home

We often hear that it helps your A/C unit operate more efficiently and save money by keeping your condenser coils maintained. It isn’t too difficult of a task to do, but for those who have no idea what a condenser coil even is or how to properly clean them, this may seem like a daunting task. No worries. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share the proper steps that are done to clean air conditioning condenser coils.

How to Clean AC Condenser Coils Outside

Step 1. You will first turn off the power to the air conditioner. There is a shutoff box outside near the unit. Most will have a switch or lever to turn off the power. However the older models may not have one. If not, just remove the fuse in this case.
Step 2. Take the time, if you have a ground air conditioner unit, to make sure there are no plants within two feet of the unit. If you have grass or other plants or weeds growing around the unit, trim them all down or pull them out. Sweep all dirt and debris away from the unit to prevent anything from flying into the coils as you clean them.
Step 3. Next, take off the cover or access panel to get to the coils. You may need either a screw driver or/and nut driver to take out the screws holding the panel on.
Step 4. Then remove the top of the air conditioner top of the unit. Look up the details of your model because each will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also be careful not to stretch out the wires or damage the fan.
Step 5. While you have access to the fans, clean any dirt off of the fan blades with a rag, hand broom, or vacuum. You may want to lubricate the fan support. Make sure to use lubricants designed for HVAC systems. New models are designed where they don’t need to be lubed. Therefore, if your A/C unit is fairly new, you may not need to lube the fan supports.
Step 6. Use a broom or brush to remove as much dust and dirt away from the coils as possible. You can also use a shop vacuum as well.
Step 7. Wrap all exposed wire with plastic before the next step. Use a condenser coil cleaner spray and spray the cleaner onto the coils. It normally foams up, so you will want to allow it to stand on the coils for 15 to 30 minutes or as otherwise directed by the manufactures labeling.
Step 8. After the allotted time for the foam cleaner to do its job has passed, it is time to rinse the coils. You can use a garden hose and spray out the remains of the grime from the inside, pushing outwards.
Step 9. Check for any damaged or bent fins on the coils. You can use a fin comb to correct the bent coil fins by inserting the fin comb from the top and pushing downwards on the damaged areas.
Step 10. Your coils are finally cleaned. You can now reattach the cover and panels. Once they are back in place, return power to your unit.

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It is recommended that your condenser coils be cleaned before the summer season. This will help improve your A/C unit’s efficiency and maintain proper function. If you find maintaining your HVAC unit is more then you can handle or you lack the time, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning. We can inspect and maintain your unit.

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