Remove Indoor Allergens from Your Chicopee, MA Home this Spring; Air Conditioning Tuneup & Maintenance

Sneezing, sniffling, itchy throats, watery eyes and runny noses … ahhh the signs of spring if you’re one of the estimated 50 million Americans that suffer for seasonal allergies. For those, spring can be less than exciting. The good news is that a few steps in spring HVAC maintenance can make a huge difference in the number of allergens inside our homes, making it so much easier to breathe. In a word, allergens are bothersome. Allergens enter our homes through the air and will land on all the surfaces of our home. This means trouble for allergy sufferers. Dust mites, pet dander, mold and dust from cockroach droppings are all airborne particles that make it harder to breathe the air in our homes and can lead to all those symptoms associated with allergies.

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance is the Answer

Is very important in the spring to do some maintenance on your HVAC system. This will remove any allergens already present in your home and keep new ones from getting in.
1. Use high quality air filters. The first line of defense in keeping the air in your home clean is to use high quality filters. Dirty air filters will make your unit less efficient, costing more money. Choose filters that have atleast a MERV 8 rating to trap more microscopic particles and reduce indoor allergens. These filters should be checked each month and replaced every three months.
2. Remove debris from around your air conditioning unit. The outdoor unit will pull outdoor air into the system and will go through the entire house. Cleaning this area will keep this from getting in your home. The indoors of your home needs to be clean too, so vacuum, sweep and dust regularly.
3. Look for mold. The best environment for mold is a humid and moist one. Look at the ducts, condensate drip pan, evaporator coils and air handler every two to three weeks and look for any signs that indicate mold growth. Mold spores will produce allergens, leading to sickness that can cause death if ignored. Small amounts of mold can be removed on your own, but professionals should be called for larger problems.
4. Dust return vents and registers. Homeowners neglect these areas when doing their weekly dusting. These are what circulate the air from the HVAC system to the entire house. If these are dirty or dusty, it’s the first thing that gets pulled in. Take a damp rag and clean these off each time you dust the house. Damp rags will prevent dust and other particles from getting kicked up and into your nose!
5. Call for professional HVAC maintenance. Spring is a perfect time to call in the professionals to have preventable maintenance done on your HVAC system. This will ensure that your system is ready and will greatly reduce any indoor allergens to make sure your system is free of any dust dirt and other debris.

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