R22 Refrigerant Gas Phase Out Timeline in Holyoke, MA; What is Replacing it in Air Conditioners?

There are some general rules about air conditioning units for how long they tend to last. A well maintained and cared for air conditioning unit will last and cool your home for up to ten years. The unit needs to be repaired and tuned up often to ensure that it works well. The unit has what is called coolant or refrigerant that is used to charge the unit so that the air can be cooled. The unit will use this refrigerant to cool the air that is then sent from the unit to the air ducts. The air ducts are a system that send the air to each and every room of your home to balance the temperature. If the refrigerant is low or runs out you need to call an HVAC company out to recharge your unit. They can often times determine where a leak has occurred or at minimum refill or recharge the system. This is where you may realize that your unit could be on its way out. The most common type of coolant that is used is called R22. The problem is that the EPA has started to phase out this compound and will require any units that use this to be replaced.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Explains What R22 Is & What You Need To Know About It Being Phased Out

What Is R22 Regfrigerant Gas?: This is a particular blend or compound that is used as a refrigerant or coolant. It can be purchased by an HVAC company that will use it on many home AC units. It used to be manufactured in the United States but since it is being phased out it is shipped in. The compound is the most common but is on its way out and is going to be replaced.
Why is R22 Refrigerant Being Phased Out?: The coolant and refrigerant that is being used has been linked to some issues when it is released into the ozone. The problem is that it will start to break down the ozone and the more knowledge about the ozone’s importance the more everyone is doing their part to protect it.
When Does R22 Become Illegal?: There is a plan for when R22 will no longer be in use. The phase has been going on for some years now and the tail end is on its way. In the year 2020 the use of R22 will be completely phased out. The first step was to stop producing the compound and next will be stopping the use all together. The process began in 2010 and that gives homeowners about ten years to replace their unit if at all necessary. If your unit was manufactured after Jan of 2010 then yours will be compatible with the alternate refrigerant. If your unit was made prior to 2010 you will need to have your unit replaced before the cut off.

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