Air Conditioning Fun Facts

Living any place that needs air conditioning during the hot summer months simply would not be tolerable if you didn’t have A/C! There have been a lot of changes for the better in the United States because of the invention, affordability and popularity of Air Conditioning. You may be surprised to know what areas of your life are the way they are today based on the cooling comfort of Air Conditioning.

Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning has prepared the following list of fun air conditioning facts that you probably didn’t even know about.
Summer Vacation – There were many things that changed because of the development of Air Conditioning. One of the things that didn’t change was kids summer vacation from school. Before there was AC people thought that the hot stuffy classrooms were bad for the kids health. They decided that it could be a health risk and could cause illness to spread because of the amount of heat in the class. When air conditioners started being used, the schools continued to use the same schedule and kids still have summer break.
Electronics – You wouldn’t think that Air Conditioning had anything to do with electronics and development in the industry. On the contrary it had everything to do with it. When A/C first started being used it was to remove the humidity in commercial buildings. This meant that people could keep a clean room that was dust free and allow the engineers to make advancements much faster; all while feeling cool and comfortable. Basically the reason that you can even look at this website and blog today has lots to do with air conditioning.
Energy – The fact that air conditioning units use a lot of energy is no joke. Even after all the advancements that have been made in efficiency and development, the cost to run your air conditioners is still a huge part of your energy bill. The amount of energy that is used to run A/C units in the US is more in one year than the entire continent of Africa uses in the same amount of time.
The more you use the more you need – Scientists have spent time looking at the amount of time that you are exposed to air conditioning versus how well you fair in the heat. It shows that the more time you spend in an air conditioned room, actually erodes human intolerance to heat.
You don’t want to be left out in the heat this summer. Call Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today to make sure that your unit is running in tip top shape.

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