Summer Air Conditioning Temperature Tips

The summer months is when the power companies have to be ready for the amount of energy used. The reason for the increase is because of the air conditioning units that are running full force. The heat outside increases quite a bit during the summer and that is when people go indoors and try and keep cool. There are some things that you can do to get help keep down the energy bill this summer.

Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning has prepared the following few tips:

Thermostat – Many older homes have a thermostat that uses a mercury sensor to measure the temperature in the home. These can be very unreliable and extremely outdated. Having a programmable thermostat can eliminate the guessing game when achieving your desired temperature. It also allows you the freedom to change the temperature according to the time of day. During the hours that you may not be home you can set the temperature a little higher to not waste the energy of cooling a home that no one is in.
Ceiling Fans – Using a ceiling fan is a great way to help circulate the air in a room and to make the room seem cooler as fans move the cool air around the room and past your body. The benefits are great if you are in that specific room and want to keep the cool air moving around. When you leave that room you should turn off the fan because it is now only using energy to run the fan and it is not actually lowering the temperature in the room.
Clean Filters – The air conditioning unit has a return that pulls the air from the house and recirculates it through the unit and cools that air. At the site of the return there are always filters that help get the dirt and dust from the air out of the house. When you have a dirty filter is keeps less air from circulating and can take longer to actually cool down the house to the temperature you want.
Blinds – One of the best heaters in the world is the sun. The heat from the sun especially during the summer can get so hot that it can cook food in a car. When the sun rolls through the windows it can send in the heat too. The best way to keep the sunlight out of the house is to make sure that you have blinds or drapes that cover the windows and doors.

Professional Air Conditioning Service

In addition to utilizing a few of these tips and tricks to keep your energy bill down, it is also a great idea to call a professional air conditioning contractor like Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning to inspect, evaluate and service your HVAC system.

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