Bad Homeowner Habits that Ruin an Air Conditioner in Palmer, MA; Blocked AC Condenser & More

During the hot summer we depend on our air conditioning to keep our homes cool and comfortable. However, we often take our air conditioning unit for granted. We often put more stress on our air conditioner system without even realizing it. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some of the worst habits that homeowners do that can ruin your air conditioning system.

Can I Do My Own AC Tune Up?

When money is tight many homeowners will try to repair or tune-up their own air conditioner. This is a major mistake. An air conditioning system is fairly complex. Many people will attempt to clean their own evaporator coils and or lubricating moving parts. You can potentially damage your air conditioning system in so doing. Additionally, there are a number of repairs that can only be performed by an HVAC technician. To ensure your air conditioner is properly repaired and tuned-up, make sure to leave it to the professionals.

What Happens if You Don’t Change the Air Filters?

For homeowners who believe the need to change out air filter is overrated, know that this is a major mistake. The air filter is essential for the health of the air conditioner and for the indoor air quality. The air filter, when compacted with dust and other particles, will restrict the air flow to the air conditioner. Air flow restriction adds stress on the entire cooling system and even contributes to premature wear and tear of the air conditioner. It is essential to change out the air filters every one to three months. You will have cleaner air and a healthier air conditioning system.

Is Closing Air Vents Bad?

One common mistake homeowners make is closing air vents and registers. Homeowners will often close the vents in areas they feel don’t need to be cooled. When you close the vents you will put pressure on the air duct connecting to the closed air vent. The pressure can build up so much it can cause the air duct to burst. An air duct leak can cause the air conditioner to run more often which increases the power bill. It is important to keep the air vents and registers fully open.

Is it Bad to Keep Adjusting the Thermostat?

When the homeowner are never happy with the temperature inside the home, the homeowner may frequently adjust the thermostat. When you constantly adjust your thermostat either up or down the air conditioner struggles to keep up with your temperature demands. When you change the thermostat settings the energy efficiency drops and you will put more wear and tear on your air conditioner.

How Does an AC Condenser Get Blocked?

The condenser is the outdoor unit that is most often located on the ground. The area around the condenser should be kept clean and free of obstruction. The condenser must be kept open to allow proper air flow.

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As a homeowner you should avoid these bad habits to ensure a healthy air conditioner. When you require air conditioning services, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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