Benefits of Scheduled HVAC Maintenance

Having a reliable HVAC system will make life run a lot smoother; taking any worry you may have about a break down far from your mind. Summer time puts your air conditioning unit into over drive each year, pushing your system to work harder to keep your home cooler. To keep your system working efficiently all year round, it is a great idea to have regularly scheduled HVAC system inspections performed by a professional. Regular checkups on your unit will help to avoid major problems in the future, which will save you money and any inconvenience going without heat or cool air can bring.

Improper Air Conditioner Operation

HVAC units encounter a handful of problems that are actually pretty common and can be easily repaired. The number one problem that an air conditioning unit experiences is improper operation. If you have turned on your air conditioning unit, be sure that all windows and doors in your home are closed. If your air is set to reach a certain temperature and you have doors and windows open where the cool air is escaping, chances are your unit is going to be running quite a bit longer to reach that temperature. This will cause your unit to work harder and longer, which can result in your system burning out or creating other internal problems. So be sure to close all windows and doors to ensure that your unit is not working harder than it should.

Refrigerant Leak

Another common problem with HVAC systems is a refrigerant leak. If air that is meant to be cool is flowing out of your vents at a warmer temperature then chances are you have a refrigerant leak. Simply adding more refrigerant to your system more often than not, will not fix your problem. It is necessary for you to call in a professional and fix the leak completely. A professional HVAC technician is experienced in matching the refrigerant charge with the manufacturer’s specifications. This will result in your unit running as efficiently as possible, providing you with top performance from your system.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

If your HVAC system is receiving an inadequate amount of regular maintenance, then you are putting yourself at a higher risk of experiencing a system break down. Having your air conditioning go out in the middle of summer or your heat not working properly during the coldest part of the year can easily be avoided by scheduling regular maintenance appointments. Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning will service your unit thoroughly and ensure that you will be prepared; regardless of what season it is. Contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning for excellent customer service and quality HVAC system repair.

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