Central Air Conditioner Room House Sizing; Why Bigger is Not Better

When it comes to heating and air-conditioner units, bigger doesn’t usually mean better. If your HVAC unit is too large for your home, your energy bill will be more expensive and your unit won’t provide the comfort or efficiency you expect. Your Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning professional will not only guide you in selecting the right equipment, we also make sure your equipment is properly sized and installed so you receive the performance, comfort and savings that you deserve.

Poor Humidity is a Bad Thing

An over-sized system can be associated with many types of problems in your home including poor humidity control. While a large unit does an excellent job of pumping a lot of cold air into your home, the down side is that your HVAC unit does this so quickly your air conditioning system does not have enough time to remove the humidity from the air especially since it does not run long enough cycles. High levels of humidity can result in moisture which in turn can lead to mold growth in your home and health complications for those who reside there.

Uneven Air Distribution

As well as poor humidity control, bigger air conditioner units can also lead to an unsatisfactory distribution of
which creates uneven temperatures throughout your home or business. The rooms in your home that are the farthest away from the unit do not get enough air when your HVAC unit runs short cycles. As previously mentioned, the air conditioning unit does not run long enough for it to move the air all the way through the process of cooling.
Not only is a larger unit more expensive to purchase, the HVAC unit also involves excessive cycling which can make your unit prone to many repair issues which may even lead to premature replacement of your air conditioning unit. You may also have to reduce the level of your thermostat to combat the excessive humidity in your home which increases energy consumption compared to a smaller unit. A larger air conditioning unit which moves around a bigger volume of air will also reduce the efficiency of your air ducts and create more noise.

Unfortunately many consumers are taken advantage of especially in extremely hot temperatures. For some professional service companies selling oversized and over powered equipment to turn a larger profit margin has become a common practice especially in the heat of summer when it is easier to persuade prospective clients that a bigger system is the answer to all of their air conditioning control problems. No matter how you look at it, oversizing is an expensive mistake to make, a mistake that keeps on giving and a mistake that you will be reminded of every month when you receive your power bill.

HVAC System Downsize

Don’t assume that the size of your new system will be the same as your old air conditioning equipment. With improvements in insulation, and careful measurements and testing, the experienced and highly trained technicians at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning are often able to significantly down size your equipment for optimum efficiency. To maintain your Heating and Air conditioning system and minimize problems in the future contact an Ambient Heating & Conditioning customer service professional.

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